Monster Energy Supercross 4 Review

I never really took interest in the Monster Energy Supercross series, or racing games for that matter. Due to the social pandemic, I had a lot of free time on my hands which made me try – and realize how much I love – the Forza series. Because of this discovery, I decided to try out Monster Energy Supercross 4 with an open mind, though it left me with mixed feelings.

When looking at sports games like Madden, 2K’s NBA, and FIFA, all these titles make sense to me that they all would have yearly releases since the sports that they’re based on are more popular to the public eye. Seeing a Supercross franchise that does the same routine was surprising to me. Looking at the past Supercross titles I wanted to see if the game followed the “same game different year” trope that’s usually passed around sports titles and surprisingly the only different thing that I noticed was that the physics this time around seemed to be toned down. In other titles, it seemed almost flawless but here it felt stiff.

Graphically this title looked and performed better than the last ones, and that’s thanks to the game running at a nice 60fps on the Xbox Series X|S engine. Everything is so bright and colorful and really helps immerse you into the race itself. From the textures of the dirt that is on the hills, clothes, and bikes to the gloss and texture on your uniform/helmet, everything looks crisp and clean. 

As a newcomer, I struggled with learning the controls and it took me quite a number of races to figure everything out. I literally almost ended up in last place every time. With that being said the game isn’t so beginner-friendly, and other than basic controls it leaves you to figure most things out on your own. I couldn’t really compare racing on a bike to racing in a car like Forza so I had to figure things out like gear shifts, when to hard brake around corners, etc. The hardest part for me was trying to understand terminology such as whips and scrubs, which I still don’t fully understand the meaning of. The AI also shows no mercy as well. I played on the easiest difficulty level and they somehow kept managing to bump into me constantly knocking me off my bike, injuring my player. The game has an implemented rewind system for if/when things get hairy, but you only have four at your disposal every race.

The main focus of Monster Energy Supercross 4 is its career mode, where you create a player and compete against 20 other racers in a series of supercross events. You try to make your way to the pro rankings and start in the 250SX class. Some of the features include training where you can level up your player’s stats to increase things such as handling, acceleration, and braking. I didn’t really notice or feel a difference in how I performed after I upgraded my stats but then again I wasn’t particularly coming in first every time either. There are also challenges and events that you can complete to earn XP and skill points.

One thing I want to make a note of is that in career mode you can injure your player. The amount of times you wreck on your bike determines the severity of the injury. If you can’t afford to pay for treatment it will affect you in your other races. Other than career mode you have the compound which is essentially a free roam area where you can hone your racing skills, perform tricks, and practice racing along the tracks. There’s an online mode where you can go head to head against 20 other real-time players – which I got absolutely smoked in by the way. You can also create your own tracks with the track editing feature to spice up your racing experience and add things such as ramps, barriers, and obstacles for you to overcome. 


As a newcomer, I didn’t particularly enjoy my time in the realm of Monster Energy Supercross 4. However, this is the same way I felt about all racing games in general. In particular, I would’ve loved it if Supercross 4 held onto newcomers’ hands more throughout the racing process and terminologies instead of having us come in last place every time. Still, I find myself determined to learn how to play and plan to have myself invested in the compound mode in order to learn the right and proper way to race. For long-time players, you may find this to be an enjoyable experience overall as you hop back into a fresh and overall amazing-looking game, but for the newbies out there you’re gonna be in for a rough couple dozen races. 

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This game was reviewed based on Xbox One review code, using an Xbox One console. All of the opinions and insights here are subject to that version. Game provided by publisher.
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  • Gorgeous Graphics
  • Immersive
  • Not Newcomer Friendly
  • AI Too Hard At Times
Gameplay - 7
Graphics - 9
Audio - 6
Longevity - 7
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