Hyperbrawl Tournament Review

HyperBrawl Tournament is a heavily focused Player vs Player game developed and published by Milky Tea Studios. I had my first dabble of this game at EGX Rezzed and had such a good time with it that when it finally got released I had to grab this review.

In the HyperBrawl universe the best of the best fighters have created their own team and come together for a massive tournament. It’s a fast-paced 2 vs 2 game, where your team has to throw a ball into the other team’s net but also stop them from scoring in your own. You do this by throwing punches and kicks, using unique weapons like hammers or grapple hooks or using the ball to do a heavy throw. This will knock them out, giving you a couple of seconds where they’re out of the game whilst they respawn, ready to go again.

You have an ability called Hyper Force which can be charged by punching, kicking and knocking people out. When activated, you summon a sort of lightning effect, giving you super powers to easily knock out your opponents and score goals. You have to be careful though, as you can easily knock out your own teammate, taking them out of the game for a few seconds.

In the single player campaign you create your own team and enter an 8 team league, playing matches for the top spot. There is also a cup mode, playing against 7 other teams in knock-out tournament fashion. To win a match you have 90 second rounds and have to outscore your opponent to win each round.  If you win 2 rounds, you win the game.

There are 10 different characters to use, each with their own look and different stats. Some have more health, while some have stronger punches and kicks.

There are also 8 different arenas. Each arena has a unique look and different obstacles. During the campaign you will get to try each of them, so it feels like each opponent you face has their own unique stadium.
You can also take the game online and play against others if you wish. If you don’t find an opponent you can go against what seems to be a random computer generated opponent. I’m not sure how it’s done, but you can tell it’s an AI by the username and how quickly they accept and start the match. It’s strange to force you to play against the computer rather than just saying it couldn’t find a match, though at least you still get to play!

I did grow to love the gameplay. It can be a lot of fun to play against people and you find yourself getting very competitive. One of the most enjoyable things was charging up a shot and throwing it at my opponent to knock them out, then just either scooping up the ball and having an open net to score, or watching it bounce into the net from the hit. When you throw the ball you have the ability to curve it which can make for some great trick shots.

The weapon power-ups can be very overpowered and are pretty much a one hit knock-out. There’s no real way to block or dodge when your opponent does this, and I’m not sure if I like the fact that the AI always use their weapons as soon as they are charged.

One bugbear is the commentator whilst you are playing – he’s just VERY, VERY annoying! Constantly hearing the same voice lines over and over, one match after another… once you’ve heard the same bad joke for the 10th time you start to get frustrated. They’re just really silly quotes and I found myself wanting to turn him off.  The music, however, is brilliant and definitely brings on TRON vibes. It definitely gets you pumped up.

You can also unlock a lot of various different customisation options for your team and characters, which is a nice little added bonus. I wish more games did this as you can make your characters way more unique.

I think I will keep playing this to finish up the campaign, but it’s just great to be able to simply sit down, play a few games and find it super enjoyable. It’s refreshing to play a fun multiplayer game and I look forward to having matches against mates in the future, maybe even bringing in some drinking games, haha! However, I can’t see myself going online regularly. The lack of matches online suggests others feel the same.


HyperBrawl Tournament is a good little arcade game. It excels when playing with friends as solo it can get lonely, but you can still have some fun with it against the AI. The gameplay is refreshingly fast-paced, fun and enjoyable. It’s a shame then that it may fly under the radar of the crowd it needs to populate the online aspect.

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This game was tested and reviewed on Xbox. All of the opinions and insights here are subject to that version. Game provided by publisher.
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  • Fun arcade action
  • Local co-op and versus is where this game shines
  • Nice visuals and music
  • Solo can get a bit tedious
  • Online lobbies are sparse
  • That announcer...
Gameplay - 7
Graphics - 7
Audio - 6
Longevity - 5
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