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Welcome to Greedfall , a open world RPG that feels like the result of an Assassins Creed and Witcher love in. Travel along the planes of Teer Fradee, a new land open to discovery and many other things such as magic and beasts. But this isn’t all that’s on the island. It’s the 17th century, so expect to get stuck into plenty of armed combat – with a bit of magic thrown in. With a vast open world to explore, this could be a rather interesting game to sink some time into.

To paint a picture of what’s going on in the world of Serene, the pollution is becoming unbearable, the overpopulation is becoming silly and there is a incurable disease call the Malichor going around affecting everyone. This is until a new world, a land untouched by the deadly disease is found; Teer Fradee, a land in which a New Serene can be made, a land ripe for the taking, its luscious landscape hiding many treasures. But that’s not all that awaits you on this land of mystery, expect to find magic and beasts and other tribes to help – and hinder – you.

Right off the bat you will see how the game has taken a massive delve into the visuals and feels of the 17th century with its buildings, outfits and décor which all look amazing. You’re greeted by a painter who is trying to paint a portrait of you, and this is where you get to spend 15 minutes or so creating your characters look. This was, like most games, rather entertaining for a period. There’s a nice selection to choose from with hair, beards, eyes etc. Once you’re done the game opens up, and starts slowing edging you into the open world of Greedfall. Much like most recent RPG’s, you get a brief combat tutorial to teach you the basic controls, how to use items and different forms of attacks. Once done, you’re off to explore.

You’re given the choice of three starting combat styles; going head on with swords, both single handed and two handed – great to get stuck in a really smash enemies both big and small. Next, we have a sword and gun combo – this is the combo I began with, and what a way to start. You will be only able to hold single handed weapons but you will also carry a pistol, working up to a rifle. Great if you’re into both close quarters and keeping your distance, you will be able to pull back and shoot your single shot gun for a nice chunk of damage.

Finally, we have the good old fashioned mage; this is just as it says on the tin. Using magic, you will be able to learn mighty spells to slow enemies and to blow them up. The great thing about Greedfall though is that you aren’t forced to just pick one and stick with it, as you are able to work your way to any of the abilities that you would otherwise unlock when choosing a different class. When you unlock other perks and talents you will be able to put your point into what ever you wish. There isn’t a huge choice in each category, but they are all still very handy things to learn, such as crafting which will help you make ammo for guns. Or perhaps lock-picking is your thing, then this skill will allow you to unlock any locked boxes. Now, these traits each have four upgrades to them and with each upgrade the better things you can do with the perks.

It’s all well and good having all these perks and abilities, but only as long as the general control and combat of the game is any good. This is where the game fell slightly for me. While the general combat I found fine, what did me in was the general movement of the player, I felt like I was only moving with up, down, left and right there was no real in between, my character turning at sharp angles, making it hard to line up attacks or line up with the loot to pick it up.

Greedfall presents you with many different missions, but overall it feels too much like a continuous line of mission after mission, rather than an organic adventure. But what does make the game feel different is the many different ways to complete the missions. These will give you many choices within them – such as go in guns blazing, kill the people in your way and boom get the item or what ever it is you need to do, or just go a little more stealth, perhaps acquire a uniform to disguise you or just get them drunk or poisoned to get them out of your way. What ever you choose, you can be sure that there are many different ways to complete your goal.

While out o missions, you wont be alone as you will be suited with two companions. They will aid you and also give you their own side missions to help them out and build relationships. There are up to five companions to meet, each with their own stories – and they may become more than just friends. Apart from this you are able to alter the attire these companions have and equip different gear on them, as long as they have the right stats that is.

Talking gear, you will collect lot’s of new equipment along the way. The stats are shown super clear, really easy to understand and coloured to show its rarity. You’ll also be able to upgrade the gear too; this will mean you need to do a lot of hunting and looting for the correct materials. Thankfully, this is super simple, as pretty much everything you kill drops stuff, while crates and box’s containing loot are shown nicely with a gold light appearing from them.

As I mentioned the game is set in the 17th century, and the art and music really sells the aesthetic and atmosphere. It shows that Spiders really did their research, everything is really well put together. But, despite hitting the mark in the visual areas, things are let down by some poor voice acting, especially in the supporting cast of NPC’s, who’s mouth’s aren’t even animated to simulate talking.


I have enjoyed every moment of this game thus far. There’s been a few hiccups, but overall the game is solid, with its mix of RPG elements and fully obtainable upgrades that can be unlocked how ever you wish. Some wonky voice acting doesn’t distract too much from some great visuals and atmosphere too, really allowing you to get immersed in the world.

This game was tested and reviewed on Xbox One. All of the opinions and insights here are subject to that version.
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  • Visually impressive
  • Great amount of equipment to use and upgrade
  • Interesting story
  • Voice acting and facial animations
  • No real break-up between missions
Gameplay - 9
Graphics - 8.5
Audio - 8
Longevity - 8.5
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  1. whoa game looks fun af. gotta try this dope shit out frfr


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