Thunderflash Review

Are you up to the challenge commando or will this all be over in a thunderflash?

5.5 Average

Ultra Goodness 2 Review

Is this shooter full of Ultra Goodness or will it leave you with an evil feeling?

5.8 Average

Wrath: Aeon of Ruin Preview

The old school shooter is getting quite the resurgence lately - and this Quake-engine based title is shaping up nicely already!

Habroxia 2 Review

Can this games take on the scrolling shooter raise it above those that have come before?

8.8 Great

Resident Evil Re:Verse Beta Impressions

Coming bundled with the upcoming Resident Evil Village, does this PvP take on the RE formula work well?

SYNTHETIK: Ultimate Review

Is all customisations where the real fun lies. Or is the fun all Synthetic?

6.1 Okay

Back 4 Blood Alpha Impressions

The team behind Left 4 Dead are back with what can only be described as that title in all but name. And it's bloody awesome.

I, AI Review

Will this retro-inspired scrolling shooter bring something unique to the genre?

4.3 Poor

Exit The Gungeon Review

We've entered, now it's time to exit the Gungeon; has the trip been worth it?

6.8 Okay

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