Sniper Ghost Warrior: Contracts 2 Review

Will this game snipe its way into your playing library?

8.5 Great

Crysis Remastered Review

It's long been THE tech benchmark, but can this remastered version bring the classic game to a new audience?

6.8 Okay

Tannenberg Review

Bringing the massive battles from the Eastern fronts of WW1 to the online shooter space, can Tannenberg depict it's warfare on the right side of fun?

8.6 Great

Ion Fury Review

The 90's are back, but can this true retro shooter still entertain in the modern day?

8.4 Great

Terminator: Resistance Review

Filling in more of the lore behind the original two films, can this title stand shoulder to shoulder with those titanic blockbusters?

5.6 Average

Battlefield V Review

Following in the footsteps of the massively acclaimed Battlefield 1 was never going to be easy, but does Battlefield V take the series further?

7.5 Good

Destiny 2: Forsaken Review

Much like Destiny, Destiny 2 has had its ups and its downs. Does Bungie's push towards darker and deeper content prove to be a step in the right direction?

9 Excellent

Time Carnage Review

Time Carnage first released back on VR platforms a small while back to a relatively mixed reception. How does it stack up on Xbox without VR support?

4.9 Poor


Merging together the intensity of bullet-hell with an FPS design, can MOTHERGUNSHIP stand out in a world already full of shooters?

8.5 Great
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