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Gloomhaven Review

We take a short rest to review the hugely popular board game Gloomhaven as it finally makes it onto Xbox consoles. Does this digital adaption translate or fall short? 

7 Good

Inscryption Review

Xbox players can finally experience this indie gem, that exquisitely combines a horror-themed adventure game with a well-designed collectible card game, 

9.5 Excellent

Pirates Outlaws Review

AJ once again gets shipwrecked on a deck building roguelite. Fortunately, there is plenty of booty.

7.6 Good

Fury of Dracula Digital Edition Review

  Dig through the ditches, and burn through the witches, I slam in the back of my Dracula

7 Good

Islanders Review

Grizzly Games have made the most accessible city builder and deserves everyone paying attention to it.

9.7 Excellent

Cardaclysm: Shards of the Four Review

Cardaclysm summons an apocalypse of deck building.

4.9 Poor

Griftlands Review

Klei Entertainment’s early access deck-builder has gone full release! Griftlands is a deep and challenging game in all aspects.

8.5 Great

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