Ratalaika Games

Super Weekend Mode Review

Ratalaika are back again with another (easy Gamerscore) experience, but is this game one that goes beyond scoring cheap achievements?

5 Average

I and Me Review

I and Me serves itself as a puzzle platformer with some unique mechanics, but in a genre that's overflowing with games, does it stand out?

6.5 Okay

Daggerhood Review

Daggerhood serves itself as one of those ultra challenging platformers. The question is, does it have what it takes to stand as tall as the best of its kind?

6.5 Okay

Access Denied Review

Puzzle games are ten a penny at the moment, but does Access Denied have what it takes to stand out in such a weighty genre?

6 Okay

Shadow of Loot Box Review

Shadow of Loot Box is a game that aims to make fun of the state of the gaming industry in its current form. Does it make for a decent experience?

2.8 Awful

Devious Dungeon Review

Devious Dungeon serves itself as an action rogue-lite platformer, but in the midst of its peers, does it stand out as brightly as it should?

6 Okay

Jack N’ Jill DX Review

Sporting a design that looks as though it's fell out of the Game Boy era, can Jack N' Jill DX shine in an already crowded genre?

5 Average

One More Dungeon Review

On paper, One More Dungeon screams for attention. The big question here, however, is whether or not it does the same in practice.

5.3 Average
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