Demolish and Build Review

I’ve tried a lot of simulators in my time and I think it’s safe to say that only a few stand out above the rest. Simulators like Microsoft Flight and the Farming Simulators come to mind firstly. But as of late we’ve discovered Demolish & Build for Xbox. The team over at Ultimate Games have done pretty well at creating a demolition experience which works well and is pretty fun to play.

“Your company is going global. Use big machines to demolish huge buildings or go close and personal and use your hammer. Buy land properties, upgrade your machines and hire workers in different parts of the world.”

Demolish and Build does well in what it sets out to be; a game based on taking jobs, building your business and, most of all, destruction. The main goal in D&B is to build your empire and raise from the ranks of local labourer, since you were just fired from your last job by a pig headed boss, so it makes sense to start again on your own.

Kicking off the long task of starting from scratch, you must work smaller jobs to increase your revenue and make your way up the job chain. Jobs range from refurbishing toilets for a small gas station, or cleaning up blocks of land of rubbish and old hand basins. Once revenue is made you can head to the local dealers and pick yourself up bigger and more powerful machines needed to complete more difficult jobs. Along with this, you can also hire staff to keep maintenance up in your owned business’ profits, like parking bays and offices as you will not receive cash if these places are not running at full capacity.

As you climb the ranks you come across some serious machines and devices to help you destroy your objective with the occasional building required, such as Cement mixers, cranes with wrecking balls, and excavators with attachments. All you could want is packed into this simulator, even the option to use explosives with remote triggers. Ranking up from town to town, you can acquire many jobs from destroying the local pub to old amusement parks and ripping down huge bell towers and watching them fall in pieces to the ground.

Although Demolish and Build might not be visually spectacular, it still offers a great deal of freedom and creativity with how you play. Choosing which machine to use or just blow buildings up, the choice is yours. Often you may come across textures dancing about, or see the water hose stretched out and look like a piece of elastic but if you’re able to excuse these issues the whole experience can be pretty entertaining.


Demolish and Build may have its issues, but the game can be enjoyed on many different levels. Fun and creativity can be found in this title, and it’s good to see some more simulators of this calibre to come to Xbox.

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This game was reviewed based on Xbox One review code, using an Xbox One console. All of the opinions and insights here are subject to that version. Game provided by publisher.
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  • Creative ideas
  • Fun simulator
  • Texture faults
  • Chunky gameplay
Gameplay - 6
Graphics - 4.5
Audio - 4.9
Longevity - 4.5
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