Deceive Inc. Review

In the real world, being called an “NPC” is considered an insult; in the world of Deceive Inc. that’s regarded as the highest of praise.

In Deceive Inc. gamers take on the role of a super spy to try and retrieve a top-secret package and escape by any means necessary. More specifically by disguising themselves as NPCs. The art of disguise isn’t the only arsenal players have. There are 8 characters available that all have 6 different abilities and 3 weapon modifications and that’s what I actually love about Deceive Inc. Every character has their own unique playstyle which that can add variety to how each match is played. In one game you could be gathering evidence to hunt down specific players and in the next picking off foes with a sniper rifle. (p.s Cavalière is my favorite). Each character brings something to the table.

At launch, Deceive Inc. comes with 4 different maps: Silver Reef, Hard Sell, Diamond Spire, and Fragrant Shore. While the number of maps is rather small each one does offer a new unique environment. There is already confirmation of more maps on the way.

Customization is a feature in the title however it’s rather bland at the moment. Gamers can customize their intro poses, weapon color, clothes, and other aspects of their profile. Deceive Inc. is an FPS stealth game. For the majority of the game, players will be camouflaged as other NPCs. Unless the cover is blown, outfit choices will not hold much value, especially since as of launch, outfit choices are majority re-colors. The only time these customization options can really be appreciated is in the pre-game lobby. There is a rotating shop that offers 5 different cosmetic options to purchase but requires premium currency to purchase.

At launch, there are only 2 game mode types to play. Besides the tutorial, there is only solo or team mode completing the same objective. Blend in, grab the package, and get out. With up to 12 players, going in solo was actually enjoyable. I can’t precisely say how many times I was on edge not knowing when I could get a bullet in the back of the head or questioning whether or not I’m playing my role of NPC well. However, after some time that magic begins to wear off. With only 4 maps and little meaning to customization each round played would feel like a normal FPS and that’s NOT what Deceive Inc. is should played as. Of course, when played with friends the game becomes a blast and the repetitive runs become much more tolerable.

Deceive Inc. can handle some things better. Whether that’s explaining its progression system or how it sometimes sticks players in uneven lobbies. How about the fact it only has 4 maps and 1 overall game objective? These can be fixed with patches and updates.

What won’t happen is not recognizing what makes this game great though. Deceive Inc. is a great title incorporating stealth into an FPS. I can’t express enough how fun it is to play and communicate with other players how to pull off a heist especially when the plan works. Each character brings something to the table and as I mentioned before the environments are clean and unique giving off a 70s sort of vibe. I only hope players give this title a chance so developers Sweet Bandits can work their magic.


Deceive Inc. is a title that gamers haven’t seen in a while. Fresh off launch there are improvements that of course can be made but I’m willing to go on a stakeout to wait and see what happens with the title.

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This game was reviewed based on Xbox One review code, using an Xbox Series S|X console. All of the opinions and insights here are subject to that version. Game provided by publisher.

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  • Great Mix Of Stealth/FPS
  • Amazing Experience With Friends
  • Versatile Characters
  • Unique Fresh Environments
  • Bland Customization
  • Repetitive Solo Experience
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