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Developed by Epic Llama and published by Buka Entertainment, Darkestville Castle is a point and click adventure with a comical tone. With a similar vibe to the Monkey Island games, you must steer your hapless demon through some mayhem that he brought upon himself. With some weird and wonderful characters that are all fully voiced Darkestville Castle is an interesting point and click adventure.

You play as Cid, a happy-go-lucky demon who mysteriously ended up in the town of Darkestville as a little demon. He then grew up and tormented Darkestville with all his evil pranks from his castle; from setting the town on fire to feeding pigeons laxatives to ruin the day of the Darkestville residents. The residents seem to tolerate Cid as the local evil prankster and don’t seem to fear him as you would expect.

All except one resident who has had enough. Dan Teapot, the nemesis of Cid, has hired demon hunters called the Romero Brothers to finally bring Cid’s deeds to an end. However, a few comical mishaps lead to Dan Teapot falling into a trap and Cid’s demonic fish Domingo being taken instead. The Romero Brothers have trapped Domingo in a chest full of captured demons. Cid wants to get his fish back, but to do so could open up more consequences than he bargained for.

The game plays as you would expect with a point and click adventure. You use the thumb stick to move the cursor around and press the A button to interact with the different settings. You have an inventory to help you combine items and use them where necessary to solve some of the puzzles. You can also hold a button to show you all the points on the screen which you can interact with which is a nice touch. I found some of these games can cruelly hide interactable objects in the background which can stump you for a long time.

The dialogue in the game is amusing, and it’s great that it is all voice acted to a decent level. It does seem strange how they are all so tolerant of Cid considering he is a demon with a big evil permanent grin on his face that commits evil deeds. All the different characters and demons are drawn in a way that reminds me of older cartoons like Ren and Stimpy.

The game does come with a few minor gripes though. Cid moves irritatingly slow for one. It seems to be a curse with all point and click games I play. When you need to move your protagonist from one side of a setting to another you have to observe as they saunter to the destination. The other is the game doesn’t auto-save as you would expect as you progress. I made my way to the 3rd chapter and got a fair chunk through before I stopped for the night. But because I didn’t click start and exit the game it didn’t save. I reloaded the next day and I was back in chapter 2, so be warned.  Always exit the game when you are done playing or risk losing progress.


Darkestville Castle is everything you want from a point and click puzzler. A simple but interesting story line, decent voice acting, and tricky but fun puzzles. The game can be completed in under 10 hours give or take – about standard for a point and click adventure game as you only really play them once, so you don’t want them so long that you lose interest. For those who enjoy point and click adventures, this is definitely a fun one to pick up.

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  • The character drawing is creative
  • The voice acting is well executed
  • The puzzles are delightfully tricky
  • Cid moves very slowly
  • Game saving could have been handled better
  • The background music is a bit bland
Gameplay - 8
Graphics - 7.5
Audio - 7
Longevity - 7
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