Could a New Resident Evil Outbreak Break the Resident Evil Co-op Curse?

When it comes to horror games in general, my mind tends to wander to Resident Evil. This is a series that’s truly had its ups and downs. Going way back to the classic iterations, there really wasn’t much like it at the time. Capcom wonderfully blended several gameplay elements together that would go on to produce terrifying and captivating experiences at every new release. The item management was spot on, puzzles were innovative, the jump-scares were as freakish as they come and the general atmosphere was near outstanding.

This formula, however, only got the series so far. Granted, the classic iterations of Resident Evil ran for quite some years and spanned a large number of titles, but evolving gameplay and newer hardware pushed Capcom into reinventing the concept. This lead to Resident Evil 4, one of the highest regarded games in the entire franchise. Resident Evil 4 traded fixed cameras and adopted a third-person view, which made the whole ordeal much more personal and involving. It helped, of course, that Capcom retained that survival horror feel.

Sadly, this is where shit went downhill. Resident Evil 4’s two immediate sequels, Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6, did very little but annoy the fan-base. Both of these entries took a massive step away from horror and a huge leap towards action. They also implemented a ridiculously tedious co-op system that allowed for two players to run through the entire experience in unity. Sounds appealing on paper, right? Unfortunately it was the polar opposite in practice. What didn’t help, mind, was that this system was very poorly created.

The addition of a second player meant that when a player was playing solo, AI would fill the boots of the player’s companion. Not only was the AI as derpy as they come, but the gameplay didn’t do anywhere near enough to bolster the co-op experience. Much of the gameplay consisted of; pushing a button to open a door for the second player, holding a doorway open for the second player, and, occasionally, being separated for small lengths of time. By and large, it was one of the biggest criticisms across both Resident Evil 5 and 6.

Then, something happened, Capcom once again returned to the drawing board to reinvent the series. This led to Resident Evil 7, a first person survival horror that easily stands as one of the best games of 2017. What’s more? No stupid tacked on co-op functionality, leaving the player to truly feel isolated and alone once more. But, should we write off a relationship between co-op and Resident Evil altogether? I’m not entirely sure. Let’s all cast our minds back to one of the most under-appreciated games in the series, Resident Evil Outbreak.

Resident Evil Outbreak and Resident Evil Outbreak File #2 were the first games in the series to offer co-op play and online support. Both games were based in the iconic Raccoon City and took place between the events of Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2/3. In the face of the Resident Evil 2 Remake, and all of the Resident Evil remasters that Capcom are releasing this gen, I cant help but think that a new Outbreak game, or indeed a remastered version of the first two games would go down very well with the crowd. I certainly would welcome these.

The gameplay allowed for up to four players to take to that classic Resident Evil formula, spread over several scenarios and tiers of difficulty. Each scenario came with lore, a checklist, and a 100% completion system. Sadly the games didn’t quite get the attention nor the support that they deserved, or certainly not the same level found in the Japanese versions. The difference between the multiplayer in Outbreak and (let’s say) Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6, is that the former actually fed well into the gameplay systems within.

Whereas Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6, the co-op functionality was far too bare. Also, it goes without saying that Outbreak was a much more distinct and unique experience. Take the Wild Things scenario, for example, in which all four players are taken through Raccoon City Zoo whilst being pursued by an array of undead animals, including that of a devastating zombie elephant. This is just one example out of several that goes to show that at one time, co-op worked extremely well in Resident Evil. I could go on and on, but I wont spoil it here.

Again, Capcom are no stranger to remasters or remakes, and given how accessible online gaming is now in comparison to what it was like back in the early 2000’s, Outbreak and Outbreak File #2 would have a better chance to shine today, then ever before. What about you? Did you ever play any of the Resident Evil Outbreak games? Would you welcome their return? If so, would you prefer straight up remasters or something brand new and from the ground up? If you have got anything to share, feel free to hit the comment section below.

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  1. Would love seeing the Outbreak Franchise make a comeback remaster in this current time where online gaming is as more popular than it was a decade ago!

  2. A Outbreak Remaster wouldn’t sell as well as a whole new game which would take years sadly. But on the other hand an outbreak remaster would be cheap to buy and have plenty of people playing it for a few months at least imo.

  3. I loved these titles, they were probably my favorite in the series (alongside parts 1&2) – they certainly were woefully underappreciated in the states, however. At the time they were fresh, I had two PS2s, so I bought a second copy of each game and got 100% on more than a few scenarios with my wife’s help. Me knifing everything as David (yes, even bosses), and her blasting away as Alyssa.

    Fun times. Those games were great, and I’d love to play them in an updated format… But sadly, I am hesitant to believe Capcom will show them any love.

    Hopefully I’m proven wrong!

    • You can play them again online! allows for people to relive these games online (Japanese editions only) but thats ok! 🙂

  4. If they do remaster it, I hope they give us all 20 scenerios.

  5. While I would love a remake of Outbreak, just a quick reminder. RE5 and RE6 are still the highest grossing RE games of all time, and some of the highest selling games of all time for Capcom. RE7 isn’t even close to matching there sales. And the only games above them as far as I can remember is MHW and SF2. Food for thought before ranting on how capcom didn’t know what they were doing.

  6. I would absolutely LOVE an outbreak game. That would mean everything to me lol Especially after playing the RE2 remake. I think the game would sell well and please a lot of fans!!

  7. With Resident Evil 2 now out, they could use those assests make a new mode for the game that would be the outbreak mode. Of course they should rweak whatever needs done even if the story and characters is all new for the outbreak mode.

  8. I actually just bought the old outbreak game and from what I’ve experienced it’s rough for an older game but a remastered version would do very well for Co op play

  9. Who the hell think RE 5 & 6 was bad and Co-Op made it fun. Those games had tons of horror moments in them like in RE 5 in the cave using the flashlight and RE 6 as well They had an action style Campaign with Chris like mercenary mode. And those games are still being played by thousands of players everyday as well RE Outbreak cause co-op gives Replay value and RE 7 doesn’t.

    • A resident evil outbreak remake would definitely sell out fast. It’s a hidden gem and with the online community it would be a hit!!! I would even pay for the servers monthly. Capcom sadly doesn’t listen to fans.

  10. A remaster at the very least would be loved very much. As much as I do enjoy the co-op capacities of 5 and 6, Resident Evil outbreak was far more enjoyable and, even for offline mode which was my only to be able to play, it makes the co-op a valid thing without being intrusive. Especially if from bad luck, one of the AI got killed from something stupid, it wasn’t game ending. So, yeah, a new one, or at the very least a remake would be very appreciated.


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