Xt Interview With Castaway Paradise’s Stolen Couch Games

Ever played Animal Crossing and wished that there was something similar available on Xbox One? Well, Castaway Paradise, set to release later this month, is as close as you’re going to get for the time being. With that in mind, we fired over some questions to Stolen Couch Games to get more insight.

Xt: For our readers, could you provide an overview of Castaway Paradise?

SCG: You’ve been washed ashore on an idyllic tropical island in a storm. A friendly villagers gets you on your feet and cleans the seaweed off you… and now it’s up to you! Turn the island into your own perfect holiday resort, and design the dream home you’ve always wanted. Relax with fishing, bug hunting, or growing your own plants. Create outfits from hundreds of different items of clothing, and celebrate holidays and the passing of the seasons. The world is your oyster!

Xt: Collecting bugs, growing crops and fishing largely appeals to me. Can we expect to see several variations of each?

SCG: Definitely! Not only is there a wide range of insects, fish, creepy-crawlies and more to discover, you can also try to collect the largest possible of each type. As for crops, you can grow both food and decorative plants around the island. Even if you just want to enjoy a walk on the beach, keep your eye out for cool shells to collect!

Xt: Will players be able to collect and show off what they catch?

SCG: If you want to show off your collection there’s a museum on the island which is just perfect for it. Curate your favorite creature catches, or see if you can collect all 96 bugs, fish and shells! Of course you can also keep your favorites for your own house.

Xt: What sort of quests will players be taking on throughout the game?

SCG: The same storm that has washed you up on the island has caused quite a bit of damage. Many of the villagers will be asking you to help out with cleaning up the island and repairing important items like the bridges connecting different areas. Others will want your help finding particular items, or perhaps they will want you to grow a particular plant.

Xt: There’s quite an impressive amount of depth on offer as far as the long-term is concerned, such as holidays and seasonal changes. How does this affect the game?

SCG: The villagers of Castaway Paradise celebrate many of the same holidays as we do, and the island has Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter as well. You can expect snow in Winter, red leaves on the trees in Autumn, and things get spooky at Halloween…

As well as how the appearance of the island changes, you’ll find a ton of themed clothing and decorative items in the shops! The options are endless, and once you’ve got them they aren’t just for the holidays, so you can celebrate Christmas all year long if you like.

Xt: In regards to character and island customization, will there be a lot of options to select from?

SCG: As we said in the last question, there are a lot of different items available! Lots of extra content has been added to the game over time as well. You can create your own hospital ward, football pitch, or room for a Chinese tea ceremony. Since every item is individual, you can combine different styles in any way you want. As well as decorating your own house, you can place items and plant things around the island to really make it your own.

Xt: What’s the ultimate goal in Castaway Paradise? Or is it quite open-ended?

SCG: Repairing the damage from the storm to get access to the whole island and meeting all the villagers is a good initial goal. But in the long-term, things are indeed open-ended. There’s no evil dragon to slay… but there is a wealth of things to do. If you like having some guidance, the villagers always have things you can help out with, but you can also just explore and decorate the island and your home. The more you play, the more items you’ll collect – both from your own purchases and free gifts from gaining XP.

Xt: Can we expect to see any post-launch support?

SCG: There are loads of seasonal events coming up which will see packs of items temporarily unlocked in the shop! This will all be free, not paid DLC.

Xt: How has the reception been for the game so far?

SCG: It’s been amazing. We just love to see what people create with the tools we give them – there are a lot of budding interior designers and stylists out there apparently! The sheer number of options mean that the combinations feel almost infinite, so we’re always seeing new costumes and house decorations that players have come up with.

Xt: Finally, do you have anything you would like to share with our readers?

SCG: They can check out our Twitter or Instagram accounts for hints, tips and style inspiration!

Thanks a heap for your time here. Readers, if you’re interested in picking this game up, note that it’s set to arrive on July 31st of this year. Our very own Cassie is working hard on a review and as soon as it’s ready, we’ll be sure to share it with you.

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