Windscape Review

There can never be too many good open world adventures in my opinion, but does Windscape translate to a good adventure? Or does it flop?

4 Poor

Gang Beasts Review

Gang Beasts is now finally available on the Xbox One, but does its physics-based play suit the competitive multiplayer brawling structure?

4.5 Poor

AngerForce: Reloaded Review

The Xbox One really needs a new shoot 'em up that's entertaining, exciting, and heavily replayable. Does AngerForce: Reloaded deliver the goods?

8 Great

Far: Lone Sails Review

Far: Lone Sails sports a design that's as interesting and as distinct as they come, but, does its gameplay manage to maintain that captivating approach?

7 Good

Phar Lap: Horse Racing Challenge Review

Phar Lap: Horse Racing Challenge is a unique game, being that we don't see that many horse racing experiences on Xbox One, but, is it any good?

3.5 Lousy

Stories: The Path of Destinies Review

Spearhead Games' Stories: The Path of Destinies houses a very interesting narrative structure, but does it hold up where it matters elsewhere?

6 Okay

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Review

Ubisoft's The Division is back for another round with The Division 2. Can we expect the same thrills and the same level of excitement from the first installation?

9 Excellent

Tyd wag vir Niemand Review

Skobbejak Games brings us their latest puzzle platformer in the form of Tyd wag vir Niemand. Is this puzzler worth your time and attention?

5 Average

AlienCruise Review

There can never be too many side-scrolling shooters. The latest kid on the block arrives in the form of AlienCruise. Does it prove to be a worthwhile trek?

6 Okay

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