Laser League

Laser League Review

The competitive multiplayer sports scene is picking up now more than ever, but does the newly released Laser League have what it takes to stand out?

8.7 Great

Subaeria Review

Subaeria is said to offer up a well developed puzzle action game that comes with some solid elements and decent mechanics. How much of that is true?

4.1 Poor
Grim Legends 3

Grim Legends 3: The Dark City Review

Artifex Mundi is no stranger to releasing puzzle games on Xbox One. How does their conclusion to the Grim Legends trilogy turn out?

7.3 Good
AO International Tennis

AO International Tennis Review

Big Ant Studios' releases this year have been less than favorable. Does their latest game, AO International Tennis, break that trend?

4.9 Poor
Hyper Sentinel

Hyper Sentinel Review

Arcade shoot 'em ups go decades back. Hyper Sentinel aims to bring that concept to modern day gaming. Does it nail that formula?

7.3 Good

Rocket Wars Review

When it comes to a good party game, the game in question needs to be fun enough to maintain its longevity. Does Rocket Wars achieve that?

4.5 Poor

Trailblazers Review

Cooperative specific racing games are very few and far between, but Trailblazers promises to deliver something fresh and exciting. How does it play out?

8 Great
Destiny 2 Warmind

Destiny 2: Warmind Review

Destiny 2's first DLC Curse of Osiris was less than worth the asking price or the time. Does Warmind step up where its predecessor DLC couldn't?

4.8 Poor
Death Road to Canada

Death Road to Canada Review

Death Road to Canada promises a fun, humorous and engaging zombie apocalypse adventure. Does this ring true now that it's finally arrived?

7.7 Good

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