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Hello all. Jpep here again with a review on the fantastic future racer Antigraviator from Cybernetic Walrus and Iceberg Interactive.

Antigraviator is a fresh take on the futuristic rail racer genre. Fast and fun gameplay makes for a good time, especially at the modest $19.99 price point. With 12 achievements worth 50 points each, plus three secret achievements, Antigraviator is a nice little game to pad your gamerscore.

Visually, Antigraviator is a gorgeous example of high speed beauty and art powered by Unity. The scenery flies by at breathtaking speed, but if you manage to take your eyes off the track for a fraction of a second you’ll see lush, colorful environments. It all comes together in a very clean package. 
The sound of the game has the vehicles paired with a high pitched, whistling, electric motor hum. Personally I would’ve liked the ships to sound a little beefier, or more powerful and deep. The music soundtrack is an unintrusive blend of techno and EDM that is enjoyable in the context of the high-speed racing but ultimately forgettable. The track announcer has a strange echo quality that I assume is meant to be futuristic, but just comes across as strange and spacey. 

During races you collect pick-ups to power your boost or to activate the many environmental traps to slow down your enemies. You’ll also drive over what I call zip strips for a quick speed boost. Occasionally you’ll come across alternate routes which serves to add a bit more variety to the race. Some of the traps you’ll encounter are smoke, fire, electricity, bombs, mines, rockets, and water. Fly through a water jet and your vision gets obscured for a few seconds causing you to inevitably crash or scrape the walls and lose speed.

Sustain enough damage and your ship will be destroyed. That includes scraping the walls while going around turns at full speed. Track selection has six locations with three tracks each, in both forward and reverse layout for a total of 36 to choose from (18 each way). Add in the mirror mode, and you can double the number of tracks. The different race types are Single, Deathrace, Training, Countdown, Pure, and Hybrid. In Quick Race mode you can set up your race to your liking; set the number of laps, how many opponents, etc. I believe this is also where you can set up local split screen. The Campaign is the single player experience where you earn prize money used to upgrade your Grav. Upgrades are done in the Hangar. Here you can purchase a new Grav, upgrade the one you’re currently using and customize paint schemes and colors. Online features both Ranked and Casual matches. This far I have not been able to join a match so cannot comment on the quality of online play.


Overall Antigraviator is a nice, smooth experience of high speed, futuristic racing. I wish it had a few more tracks as even with reverse and mirror modes it’s really only 18 courses, which would have been fine 20 years ago, but I believe players expect more in this day and age. Another thing on my wish list would have been some kind of combat element with limited ammo per lap. The random trap activation’s are fine but I want more control over my opponents demise. Plus it would give a greater sense of your own personal danger. Still the racing is intense and fun so I can’t really complain too much.

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  • Fun racing action
  • Great to look at
  • Plenty of race modes
  • A few more tracks would've been nice
  • Soundtrack is a bit bland
Gameplay - 8.5
Graphics - 7
Audio - 8.5
Longevity - 7
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