Ubisoft Continues to be Daring, Bold and Constantly Dynamic


This gen especially, Ubisoft are pulling no punches. They continuously innovate, take daring decisions and evolve, and we love them for it. We’re barely half way through Q2 2018 and already Ubisoft have proved their worth and commitment, time and time again.

First off, they reveal a deal to extend their presence in China, furthermore extending their reach around the globe via opening two new divisions in India and Ukraine. On top of this, Ubisoft recently revealed that they are opening two new development studios in Bordeaux, France, and Berlin, later this year.

Though, arguably the most iconic Ubisoft-specific announcement this year, is the fact that they have finally reached an agreement with Vivendi to sell its entire stake in the company giant, ultimately halting Vivendi’s seemingly (yet slow) hostile takeover. Safe to say, Ubisoft are on a roll.

Perhaps their most respectable and commendable front is not only their motivation and willingness to innovate and adapt, but their ability to pull it off so daringly. Ubisoft own some of the most highly prolific IPs in the industry, but instead of merely just milking each franchise, Ubisoft never fails to excel elsewhere.

The Division is a fine example of that (to which Ubisoft has already announced its sequel) and went on to sell tremendously well alongside a great reception from fans and critics alike. Rainbow Six: Siege is another great example, a game that continues to smash expectations thanks to its strong post-launch support.

For Honor gets an honorable mention and although not quite as popular as Siege, is still heavily supported today. The Crew 2 is also on the horizon, another decent IP. Word on the street suggests that Splinter Cell will be making an appearance at E3 2018 alongside Beyond Good and Evil 2, and another of Ubisoft’s new upcoming IPs, Skull and Bones.

That’s not to mention their work on a new game set in James Cameron’s Avatar universe, as well as their toys-to-life game Starlink: Battle for Atlas. It doesn’t end there of course, we could point to some of their older IPs such as Watch Dogs, Ghost Recon, Assassin’s Creed, Rayman and more.

Say what you will about Ubisoft, they’re not afraid to try something new and although it doesn’t always pay off, the industry needs more of this bold and daring attitude. What I personally respect Ubisoft the most for is their willingness to listen to and accept feedback, which plays a large role in the support of their respective games.

Many a times do we see Ubisoft’s games constantly evolving due to little more than feedback alone, which again is something we don’t see enough of in modern day gaming. The aforementioned For Honor is probably the greatest, most recent, proof in this proverbial pudding.

You see, For Honor wasn’t exactly as heavy hitting as I suspect Ubisoft expected it to be. It went on to receive mixed scores and feedback from critics and fans respective. Undeterred, Ubisoft put forward a great deal of time and effort into fine tuning and building upon the experience, going so far as to adding dedicated servers.

Had For Honor have released in the state that it’s in now, I fully suspect we’d have seen a much better reception. Still, when all is said and done, the game’s community couldn’t be happier with the state of the game today. This level of awareness and acceptance is something that Ubisoft continuously pulls off.

Group this with all of the company’s movements and growth from this year alone, on top of their already impressive reach, and it simply has to be said that we’ve a lot to look forward to in the long run. Excitement is already gearing up for E3 2018, though if I was a betting man, I dare say Ubisoft will once again shock and excite with not only their current IPs, but new ones too.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to blow smoke up anyone’s ass or blow Ubisoft’s trumpet for them. They make mistakes, large and small, just as any other outlet or body, but what truly sets Ubisoft apart from many of its peers is that they constantly step up to the plate.

They don’t hide from a poorly received game and they don’t waver from a negative response, instead, they address the feedback and go about their business, continuing to create new and engaging experiences along the way. Simply put, Ubisoft don’t get nearly as much praise for this attitude as they should. There’s my two cents…

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