Turtle Beach – Recon 200 Amplified Gaming Headset Review

Manufacturer: Turtle Beach
Where to buy: Turtle Beach
Price: £49.99 – Or Region Equivalent

I’ve said it a thousand times before, I’ll say it again; when it comes to gaming, you need a headset. Trouble is, there’s so many choices to take to, ranging kits of all shapes, sizes, and cost. I think it goes without saying that Turtle Beach remains one of the leading brands in this corner of the market, and for good reason too. They’ve got your back whether you’re in the market for something pretty damn costly, or, something much more affordable. This time round, however, we’ll be looking closely at their recently released Recon 200 headset.

The Recon 200 sits in a generously affordable price range, and considering its fairly low cost, you’re getting plenty of quality in return. There’s some confusing surrounding the devices it supports, however, and I think its important to tackle this first and foremost. Now, the Recon 200 houses a switch on the left ear cup, and it’s here where confusion may be drawn. The switch only toggles between three options; Power, Xbox, and PlayStation. That said, the headset is absolutely compatible with Nintendo Switch, PC/Mac, and mobiles and tablets.

In order to make this work, you’ll need to switch the toggle to Xbox, and if necessary, purchase a PC splitter cable should your computer sport separate green/pink connectors for audio. Nevertheless, rest assured, the Recon 200 does work beyond its left ear cup listed systems, and to be fair, the boxing makes this clear; despite the lack of a PC/Mac listing. Moving on. The Recon 200 arrives in neatly compact packaging. Out the box, it’s clear that this kit is built to last, and feels much more durable than the slightly cheaper Recon 70.

Whilst I commended the Recon 70 for its sturdy framework, I criticized its somewhat flimsy flip-down/flip-up mic. Here, however, that’s not the case. The Recon 200’s mic is still flip-up/flip-down (alongside an auto mute feature when the mic is flipped-up), but it feels a lot more durable. Whilst the Recon 200’s overall design is fairly similar to the Recon 70’s design, the former has a slightly better look. It’s more slick, and arguably more refined. This is no doubt thanks to the fact that its two-tone carbon fibre finish looks as sexy as can be.

Beyond the aesthetic differences, the Recon 200 is supremely comfortable for the most part. The kit uses synthetic leather-wrapped memory foam cushions to support comfort throughout prolonged use, and although the headset is indeed very comfortable, the headband isn’t very padded. Whilst sturdy thanks to being reinforced with metal, it can feel somewhat jarring on the top of the old noggin. Don’t get me wrong, this is by no means a deal breaker, not in the slightest, but it is something that I felt the need to point out.

Either way, and overall, the Recon 200 is certainly both cozy and easy on the eyes. There’s plenty of wiggle room to the headband too, and a generous pivot depth to each ear cup, ensuring that no matter the size and shape of your head, you’re bound to find positioning that suits your needs. It’s also rather accessible too, with all functionalities tethered to the left ear cup. Alongside the platform toggle switch, you’ll find two independent volume sliders; one for game chat, and one for game volume. There’s also a USB charge port here.

That’s right! The Recon 200 houses a built-in rechargeable battery that delivers twelve hours of use per-full charge – with a charging cable included in the packaging. Beyond that, the generously lengthy 3.5mm cable protrudes from beneath these mechanics, giving you swift access to all of the headset’s necessities on the fly. It truly is a well structured piece of hardware. That said, there’s more to a headset than its look and its framework, so, how does the Recon 200 perform? I can gladly report that it performs like an absolute dream.

I’ve tested the Recon 200 across a range of different medias; from several games, right through to music and video playback. The headset sounds loud, crisp, and precise when either listening to your tunes or watching your favorite show. Though, it really shows its worth when gaming above all else. Much like the Recon 70, the Recon 200’s high-quality 40mm speakers support use of Windows Sonic and Dolby Atmos, giving you that extra (very notable) bump in feedback and distinction. I’ve been blown away by its capabilities.

Sure, it’s not quite on the same level as the costlier options available in the market, but for its price bracket, the Recon 200 is outstanding value. I tested it across a range of titles, from Forza Horizon and Final Fantasy X, right through to the likes of DOOM and Call of Duty. The Recon 200 does a fantastic job of putting you in the proverbial zone. It gives you instant audio cues that you wouldn’t typically hear from the television alone; enemy footsteps, the looming roars of your opposition on the race track, and the distant wails of a Hell Knight.

Due to the bass boost and crystal clear highs, I heard noises using the Recon 200 that I’d never heard before in games I had played time and time again previously. The volume sliders give you great flexibility too, allowing you a lot of leeway in finding a balance that suits your play-style, without ever compromising its quality. The addition of mic monitoring (absent in the Recon 70) means that you’ll never run the risk of accidentally yelling too loud through not being able to hear your own voice, and it’s impressively reliable at that.

If I haven’t made it clear already, the Recon 200 absolutely excels in regards to its audio feedback. If you’re looking for a cheaper, more affordable option, but don’t want a kit that skimps on the audio front, the Recon 200 is for you. It’s light weight, it’s sturdy, it’s built to last, and it’s massively impressive in regards to what it offers. I can express the same level of appreciation to the headset’s mic feedback too. Chatter remains as crisp as ever, with no static present throughout vigorous, constant use. I tested this across parties and PMs.

Those in my party were actually impressed at the quality when I told them the price tag, and once I listened to my own voice messages back from PMs, I can wholeheartedly agree. I think we can all agree that, despite the odd headset we’d all like to forget, Turtle Beach knows their craft, and they know it well. Whether you’re new to gaming headsets, or, whether you’re simply looking for a decent, well priced kit, the Recon 200 has your back. You’ll be hard-pressed finding a gaming headset as quality as this for the price it sits at.


In comparison to the Recon 70, the Recon 200 packs additional extras; mic monitoring, an internal rechargeable battery, vastly improved durability, and more besides. The shocker, however, is that the bump in price is merely minimal. Not only are you getting a much better kit, but you’re stepping up your game through the Recon 200’s impressive audio feedback, its stellar distinction, and its overall high-quality functionality. This, is a must have.

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  • Outstanding, modern, slick design.
  • Wonderful, crisp, precise audio feedback.
  • Amazing mic quality.
  • Sturdy and robust for prolonged use.
  • Value for price is second to none.
  • Not much padding to the headband.
Usability - 8
Design - 9
Durability - 9
Value for Price - 10
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