Super Mega Baseball 3 Review

When discussing the topic of sport games, you might automatically think of the more realistic takes on the genre, games like NBA2K, Madden NFL or, in baseball terms, MLB The Show. Don’t let its cartoonish art style fool you, Super Mega Baseball 3 can fit right in with these other titles. 

SMB3 is a very deep yet simple to learn title, taking elements from its predecessor Super Mega Baseball 2. Within the first game you play you’ll be given various tutorial lessons as the innings go by. When batting you have your 3 basic swings; contact, heavy, or the usual bunting when needs be. When pitching the ball, depending on your pitcher, you get different techniques you can perform when such as Change-ups, Forkball and many more. Fielding works pretty basically; the players will run on their own to the ball and you use the corresponding buttons to throw to the bases. Sometimes you may need to press the bumper to make your player jump, or press the trigger to slide, but in my experience you won’t be using it as often you may think, and that’s that. For an animated cartoon game an average player would be expecting some sort of power ups or special bats to boost your stats but today, we learn looks can be deceiving. For somebody who isn’t a huge fan of baseball the style makes it much more appealing and would draw players in.

One of the biggest attributes this game has is its customization features. Players are given the opportunity to create their own ideal baseball league. You can adjust how long your seasons last and how it’s formatted, you can make a team along with their uniforms and logos, and customize player’s appearances and attributes, whether your character is a male or female.

Franchise mode is where this game shines the best. The strength of this franchise since Super Mega Baseball 2 has always been in depth, the game mode allowing you to go from dropping and adding free agents to player development, aging, and retirement. The new franchise mode makes everything overall more accessible and easier to view. 

The A.I in the game can be a bit challenging at times though when pitching. Most times when they pitch they will throw outside the batter’s box, throwing nothing but balls. The problem for the player is you won’t know where they’re throwing until it’s too late, resulting in many foul balls or outs. The only other concern I had with the game is a lack of a tutorial when in franchise mode. If you played the previous titles in the series or have a good knowledge of baseball then navigating throughout the mode is pretty easy, but if not you can find yourself lost at times not knowing what you’re doing. 


To the common eye Super Mega Baseball 3 looks like Arcade version of baseball, in the vein of NBA Jam‘s take on an arcade version of basketball. Beneath the mask is a well polished baseball simulation that I believe baseball fans will enjoy. Even if you aren’t a hardcore baseball fan this game still is something to play if you’re just trying to past the time.

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  • Appealing cartoon art style
  • Various customization features
  • Baseball game anyone can enjoy
  • Learning curve with franchise mode
  • Pitching A.I
Gameplay - 9
Graphics - 9
Audio - 9
Longevity - 9
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