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For someone who constantly plays games such as Fortnite and Apex Legends almost on a daily basis, I don’t shy away from the battle royale genre. When I saw Super Animal Royale being ported to Xbox I felt that it was my duty as a battle royale connoisseur to take a deep dive into the title. Super Animal Royale is currently in the Xbox Game Preview Program so while I can’t give a full review of the title I can certainly give my current thoughts on this masterpiece.

Super Animal Royale is a 64 player battle royale game where animals drop down onto a map called Super Animal World which has a wide variety of places that you and/or your teammates can drop on. My personal favorite place to land definitely has to be the S.A.W Bamboo Resort as I feel that the best loot drops there, plus it’s a good way to get kills early on. To me, the map alone is worth talking about. Each location varies from the other and adds variety to the game. Obviously, some places are better to land at than others. Which places you ask? You’ll have to find out for yourself.

Getting into the grit of things regarding gameplay, unlike the other battle royale games that I’ve played, Super Animal Royale is much more fast-paced which I enjoy. Regardless if I’m playing with my brother, randoms, or even just going in solo, whenever I get killed I don’t have the urge to rage out and get angry, which I found to be surprising. I see it as a GG moment and move onto the next game. It doesn’t even take long to load into the next match after you get sent back to the lobby so it’s like the loss never happened.

There are a ton of weapons laid across the map such as pistols, revolvers, sparrow launchers, miniguns, poison darts, etc. There are also vehicles such as hamster balls and emus that you can ride and attack other animals with. As in any typical battle royale game, there is a gas – skunk gas in this scenario – that encloses itself on the map that you have to outrun and plan your next move around if you want to be the last one standing. I really love how the whole atmosphere just fits with the theme of the game.

Customization is my favorite part of the game and I always look forward to it when I unlock new items. A couple of ways to earn things such as clothes for your animal are things such as completing different challenges and milestones. A battle pass that is in place before the game’s full release, the item shop which rotates out daily and weekly, and there are some packs in the Microsoft store that you can purchase. The two types of currency that the game uses are Carl Coins which are in-game currencies that you can earn by playing matches and S.A.W tickets that you can only get with real money. Both can be used to purchase cosmetics in the item shop. The main cosmetic is being able to change your species. In matches, you randomly earn animal DNA that you can use to create a new species/breed if you have collected enough of the specific DNA. While you can’t directly choose what DNA you want to earn when you level up you are given DNA magnets that will attract a specific DNA of your choosing for a couple of matches. There are also weapon skins that you can apply to your weapons as well along with death animations and emotes.

The graphics are all bright and colorful and are just so vibrant. It makes you forget that you’re playing a game about killing other animals, especially in the in-game lobby where you see an animal dance party breaking out.


Super Animal Royale has exceeded my expectations. The title is just so cute and enjoyable and the fast-paced gameplay is truly addictive and I can gladly say it’s a game that I almost play daily. Even if it’s not that kind of game for you it definitely can be something to play if you find yourself bored. It’s even more of a blast if you play with friends. Super Animal Royale gets the Varnell Harris seal of approval.

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This game was previewed on Xbox. All of the opinions and insights here are subject to that version. Game provided by the publisher.
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