Street Power Football

Developed by SFL Interactive, Gamajun and published by Maximum Games Street Power Football is a game for football fans that are interested in the freestyle skills and tricks. The game is hosted by Sean Garnier who coaches you through the game and all the different game modes. The graphics are in a similar style to games like NBA Jam, based on real street freestylers in the world but in a cartoon-like fashion. The audio is basically cool tracks from well-known artists, but the volume control seems a little off as it always seems obnoxiously loud.

Freestyle football has been around for a while now and it has quite a large fanbase as skilful players combine breakdancing with tricks with the ball which is great to spectate. On the back of that are people trying to push street football and tricks in different ways.

Sean Garnier as the host is green screened on a lot of footage and he talks a lot about the whole street scene and the types of skill games he is trying to promote. I know he is trying to hype street football and the unique game styles, but it does seem that he likes to talk a bit too much as some of his bits can drag on a little.

So, what are the different game styles you ask? You have a standard street game which can be 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3. You can perform tricks here, but the game is to score more goals than the opponent. Some power-ups occasionally pop up to provide various boosts but the gameplay itself is poor. The movement feels very clunky and it is sometimes difficult just to pick up a loose ball. The tricks are OK to get past opponents, but the tackling isn’t great though I not sure if that is deliberate just to showcase the tricks more.

You have the trick shot mode which is quite fun if a little bit clunky. You have to hit various items or land the ball in certain barrels or buckets. You have to line up the height of the shot, the angle and the power so it is quite a good challenge there. There is a Freestyle dance mode which is a combination of quick time like inputs and a rhythm game. This seems interesting but even after the tutorial the input skill section doesn’t always work for me and I think it was the speed of how you input the controls; for example, down,down-left, left then A. If you try to do it like a reverse hadoken it fails. If you input the command too slow it fails so it seems you have to input the controls at a middle speed which was not mentioned in the tutorial. But it’s different and interesting and once you get going its somewhat fun.

The other game mode which I saw the clips of Sean Garnier playing was the Panna cage game mode. So, the idea is that it’s a 1v1 small circular pitch which is in a cage. You both have a small goal to protect and also the goal between your legs. There is a time limit to the game but the person with the most goals at the end of the time wins unless there is a Panna which is a nutmeg. If you manage to get the ball through the opponent’s legs, you score more. Obviously, it makes sense in the real world but the way they have transferred it into the game is that you trigger a Panna event where you have a set of 3 commands that you and your opponent must race to perform. If the attacker wins 2 out of the 3 rounds, then they perform a nutmeg/Panna but if the defender wins more rounds then they block the nutmeg/Panna.

There is a sort of campaign mode called Become A King. This is where you try out all the various game types under the instruction of host Sean Garnier. Each game you play has a set challenge attached to them before you can move on. These can be from using more power-ups than the opponent to performing at least one trick or Panna in the Panna game mode. You travel from place to place with Sean Garnier cheering you on your way to becoming the king of street football.  


Street Power Football seems to be a very niche game for fans of the freestyle football world. Normal football fans may show an interest in this, but they might be expecting a game similar to the FIFA street series – which this is not. It does have some interesting game types and does spread the word of street football and the entertainment it can bring. But it seems most of the budget was spent on Sean Garnier talking about the games rather than some of the gameplay itself.

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  • The different game modes are interesting and creative
  • Sean Garnier does a good job in promoting street football
  • The trick shot mode is fun to play
  • The street power football mode is awful
  • Some of the controls are clunky
  • Feels very rushed
Gameplay - 5
Graphics - 5
Audio - 5
Longevity - 4
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