SEGA – Where The Heck is Sonic Adventure 3?

Now, I know just as well as the next person, that Sonic 2 remains one of the best 2D Sonic games to date, rivaled only by the recently released Sonic Mania. I’m all for nostalgia, and if anything, Sonic Mania is a prime example of how taking a step back in time can be a very good thing. Though with that being said, and in my humble opinion, Sonic Adventure and its direct sequel, Sonic Adventure 2, are the best 3D Sonic games to date. So, why the hell haven’t we seen Sonic Adventure 3? Despite the big success of the Sonic Adventure games?

Not so long back, Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka stated that the team does not want to step back to the Adventure series just to please the fans. He went on to say that the team is focused on trying new things and pushing Sonic’s boundaries to the limit. According to Takashi Iizuka, Sonic Adventure 3 would not be an advancement of the series, but rather Sonic Team repeating themselves. I understand that the team doesn’t want to retread old ground, but as aforementioned, Sonic Mania proved that this ideology can prove fruitful.

It seems pretty silly to write off the idea entirely, especially when we take into account that Sonic Team’s Sonic Forces didn’t exactly enjoy widespread acclaim, and that fans have been begging for a new Adventure game for years now. So, SEGA, where the hell is your head at? Let’s do some simple problem solving here, shall we? If Sonic Mania can survive and even exceed sales expectations, a game that goes back to the formula of the 90s Sonic games, why the heck would you believe that a Sonic Adventure game couldn’t achieve success too?

I love myself some Sonic the Hedgehog. I’ve played almost every installation to date. Lately, however, I cant say that I’ve been all that impressed. Sonic Generations was, in my opinion, the last decent game in the series. Other games in the series, such as Sonic Forces, Sonic Unleashed (ugh..) and Sonic 06 (double ugh..) just strayed too far from the iconic concept that made Sonic so appealing; speed and fluidity. It seems as though nearly every Sonic game from Team Sonic needs to be stuffed with a gimmick, such as that awful Werehog.

Sonic Adventure 3, using the same format as its two predecessors, is just the thing that our favorite blue hedgehog needs right now. What made Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 so appealing is that it blended together several elements into one mighty fine structure. There was a world hub (kind of), several characters with unique mission gameplay, differing storyboards that all fed into one ultimate chapter, a decent rating system, Chao gardens and more importantly, diverse gameplay across a range of unique and intriguing environments.

Terrible voice acting to the side, the Sonic Adventure games revitalized the series and to this day, they remain as the franchise’s high points. Whether I was treasure seeking with Knuckles, speeding through the highway with Sonic or even fishing with Big, the game constantly threw new and interesting content at the player. Sonic Adventure 3 is an absolute must, now more than ever before. Furthermore, can you imagine how robust Chao features would be in a huge online gaming world? The possibilities and potential is through the roof.

Think about it; Chao raising, fighting, breeding, trading and just about anything in between, would go down an absolute treat with online capability. I don’t want to rag too hardly on Sonic Forces because for me, I enjoyed it for what it was. Though, it certainly didn’t have anywhere near a scratch on the Adventure games. The Adventure games stand out not only because they’re largely responsible for introducing Sonic into a 3D world, but because the design choices (minus the several glitches and bugs) for each game was near spot-on great.

They even had pretty small levels, but the replay value in order to obtain a good score ranking made for several repeat-sessions. That’s not even to mention the few hidden goodies that were placed around the games’ worlds. Anyway, I’m clearly ranting too much and dreaming of an age in which Sonic was at his highest. I just struggle to believe that Sonic Team are so passive on the idea of a new Adventure game, simply to avoid stepping back in time. That stance makes absolutely no sense to me in the slightest. It sounds frankly baffling.

Surely if your golden moment was several years back, you would take to the proverbial drawing board and at least take some elements from that period in time? Look at Call of Duty, the series went way too far-fetched and eventually returned to the core format, which has done the series wonders. Sonic Team would do well to understand that moving backwards is sometimes the only thing you can do to move forward. What do you think? Would you like to see another Sonic Adventure game landing? Hit the comments below.

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  1. How come you didn’t mention Sonic Colours?

    • I never played that one so I didn’t really want to judge it 🙂 Any good?

      • Yes honestly it’s the best since generations and nothing has topped it since. You’d truly enjoy it😁

        • In that case, I’ll look into picking it up. Can never say no to a good Sonic 😀 Thanks chief!

          • Imagine Sonic Adventure 3 chao raising.. with our phones. enough said

  2. Actually I was wrong, Colors came out the year before generations 😅 I didn’t get into PS stage til recent years. Also idk if you played Sonic Battle or the Rush series for gba/DS but those were fantastic as well.

  3. Of course I’d like to see another, PROPER shot at an Adventure style game that uses the Adventure games as it’s foundation.

    It doesn’t even have to be called “Sonic Adventure 3”.
    But it should be treated as the game that wants to do what the Sonic Adventure games did for the 6th generation, a spiritual “Sonic Adventure 3”, a successor.

    I mean I hate to bring Mario into this, but look at Mario Odyssey.
    It’s this generation’s Mario 64 and Mario Sunshine.
    Using those early 3D Mario games as it’s foundation, building upon it with new ideas and refinements.

    That’s what Sonic needs!
    It no longer has a direction, it doesn’t really have a goal outside of “Please the Mainstream critics that don’t like our games and make endless Sonic 06 jokes”.

    Using the Adventure games as the foundation of mainline 3D entries wouldn’t be holding back the series, it would give this currently wishy washy series a purpose to strive for.

    And if they want to experiment further away from the sun, that’s the point of spin offs (although please try to make exciting spin offs that are being made with integrity, and not just a cash in on Sonic’s tarnished name please).

  4. 2nd thing to note.
    While they definitely do have some cool ideas left in there.
    A lot of those ideas are only wasted because like I said, there’s no direction.

    The awesome concepts of Sonic Forces are embarrassingly wasted, for a meme worthy cluster-flop of shallow pandering (and when I said meme worthy, that wasn’t a compliment Sonic Twitter).

    Then when said game is negatively received, all potential cool concepts introduced in the game before are then forgotten for the next ones.

    I mean Sonic Lost World actually introduced the Dropdash, does anyone know this?
    Well SEGA and Sonic Team sure didn’t either, since they’ve already credited it to Mania despite having came up with it themselves.

    Consistency doesn’t mean churn out the exact same game over and over again, it means having a foundation, a core direction and understanding.
    With room for improvements and new ideas.

    If you don’t want to work on another game with similar principles and philosophies for whatever reason, then just establish a new intellectual property, or an experimental spin off series like I said before (just not anything mediocre and shallow like Sonic Boom please).

  5. I won’t buy another sonic game because hat is in a different format from either the very first sonic games (like sonic mania), or if it’s different from the adventure style of games. The new sonic games from what I have seen are kind of lame. They can make new adventure games and improve where sonic is going. They can add new concepts and other experiences if they want to.
    The makers of Sonic need to get off their high horse and take a realistic look at making entertaining video games. The makers of Mario have repeatedly made many similar formats of games to that are still extremely innovative, creative, and fun for fans. What is a good video game if it doesn’t please people? That’s the whole point of a video game. They are supposed to please and entertain people. Games aren’t the same kind of creative expression as music where the makers creatively express themselves so much… it’s about allowing the players to enjoy the experience to fullest extent. That’s the ONLY reason I play video games or anyone else I know play video games… It’s to to enjoy them and to entertain themselves. If a video game maker doesn’t care to please people, then their mission is literally half way useless.


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