Everyone 10+

Lost Ember Review

Lost Ember certainly looks to capture the imagination, with its painterly visuals and animal cast; but can it flesh out the curiosity with its gameplay?

5.8 Average

Qubit’s Quest Review

Another launch title to compliment the MARS LightGun, Qubit's Quest takes a slightly different approach to the others on offer. Does this make it stand out from the crowd or will it be relegated to th...

6.4 Okay

Asterix & Obelix XXL3: The Crystal Menhir Review

The classic duo are back in a 3D adventure - but is this a rare gem or bit of a knock off?

5.5 Average

Police Chase Review

It's rare we get to play on the good side of the law in gaming - can Police Chase make the transition worthwhile?

3.9 Lousy

Sparklite Review

This top down, procedurally generated action title exudes charm, but how does the gameplay hold up?

8.3 Great

Woven Review

A cutesy platformer featuring adorable stuffed animals,, can Woven work it's way into your heart?

7 Good

Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King Review

Coming hot off the heels of the film reboots, these classic 16-bit titles are brought back to punish a new generation of players.

8.1 Great

Worbital Review

Presented as a RTS in Space, will Worbital's cosmic chaos have you seeing stars?

6.6 Okay

Cat Quest II Review

A 2D open world RPG featuring cats and dogs, will Cat Quest II hold it's own in the genre?

7.1 Good

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