Wales Interactive

Night Book Review

The masters of FMV tales are back again with another excellent, creepy, and unique experience.

8.9 Great

I Saw Black Clouds Review

Will this live action adventure have a silver lining, or will it rain on your parade?

6.8 Okay

Five Dates Review

Can this lockdown-filmed narrative adventure win our hearts?

7.9 Good

Maid of Sker Review

Can Wales Interactive utilise old Welsh folk songs to their full effect in this interesting looking horror title?

7.7 Good

The Complex Review

Renowned for their interactive, live action tales, Wales Interactive bring us their latest effort - is it worth your while?

9.3 Excellent


Coming from the developers behind Sara is Missing, does SIMULCRA carry on their unique styling?

7.3 Good

Headspun Review

Wales Interactive brings us another example of their unique take on FMV games, but will Headspun stick in your memory?

6.5 Okay

The Shapeshifting Detective Review

The Shapeshifting Detective is the latest FMV from Wales Interactive. How does it shape up alongside their other releases?

6.8 Okay

Time Carnage Review

Time Carnage first released back on VR platforms a small while back to a relatively mixed reception. How does it stack up on Xbox without VR support?

4.9 Poor

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