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Vaporum Review

On the heels of Operencia: The Stolen Sun, does Vaporum have what it takes to stand just as tall? Or does it fall short of the mark?

5.5 Average

Crimson Keep Review

Crimson Keep didn't fare too well on other platforms, and now that it's here on Xbox One, can we expect the same experience, or has the game evolved?

2 Awful

The Walking Vegetables: Radical Edition Review

Twin-stick is as classic a concept, in gaming anyway, as it gets. That said, is The Walking Vegetables going to be one of your five a day?

7 Good

Dead Cells Review

Dead Cells is a game that gained a heap of attention throughout the last year, but now that it's finally here, has that attention been well deserved?

10 Incredible

Candle: The Power of the Flame Review

Candle: The Power of the Flame brings forward a stunning and unique design, but does it bring its A game where it matters elsewhere?

8.3 Great
The Count Lucanor

The Count Lucanor Review

Following a relatively warm release on the PC back in 2016, can The Count Lucanor stand out in a since overcrowded genre in 2018?

7.1 Good

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