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Time on Frog Island Review

An attractive art style isn't enough to save this game. Boring quests, textless dialogue, and an overall lack of things to do on the island make Time on Frog Island a game that most players should ski...

5.4 Average

Monster Harvest Review

Does Monster harvest peek your interest or does it look like a bad harvest waiting to happen?

3.5 Lousy

Foreclosed Review

A cyberpunk-themed narrative adventure, does Foreclosed have what it takes to stand out?

8 Great

Spirit of the North: Enhanced Edition Review

Have Infuse Studio managed to bring this charming adventure into new light with this enhanced edition?

7.4 Good

Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX Review

Retro remakes are dime a dozen lately, but can this tough old school platformer hang with todays crowd?

6.8 Okay

Buildings Have Feelings Too! Review

  Buildings come to life in BlackStaff’s new game. Charm and whimsy abound, in this world where edifices have an inner life.

7.3 Good

Morbid: The Seven Acolytes Review

Will this isometric Souls-like bring the pain in a good way?

8 Great

Cloudpunk Review

Can Cloudpunk offer more than electronic eye-candy or is it all show and no go?

7.9 Good

Bounty Battle Review

Bringing together a broad range of indie characters to a fighting game should offer up some fan-serving fun; have Dark Screen Games pulled it off though?

4.5 Poor
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