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Everreach: Project Eden Review

An exploratory RPG set on a fledgling new planet, can Project Eden spark your curiosity and wonder?

4.5 Poor

Truberbrook Review

Truberbrook makes its way to console following its release on PC a short while back. But, alongside its stunning visual presentation, does it bring the goods?

5.5 Average

Windscape Review

There can never be too many good open world adventures in my opinion, but does Windscape translate to a good adventure? Or does it flop?

4 Poor

Dead Age Review

Dead Age tasks you to survive the zombie apocalypse with a “Final Fantasy” turn-based combat system and perma-death. Does it work?

4.4 Poor

Hero Defense Review

Hero Defense is now finally upon us, blending together a mashup of RTS, tower defense and RPG elements. Does this recipe make for a compelling game?

6.6 Okay
Slime San

Slime-san: Superslime Edition Review

Those of you looking for the next challenging 2D platformer will no doubt have your eyes firmly set on Sline-san. Does it sit alongside the best?

8.5 Great
Earth Atlantis

Earth Atlantis Review

It's not something that the game truly screams at you, but Earth Atlantis' core plot revolves around that very real, that very looming threat of climate change. Is it interesting enough?

8.4 Great

SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell Review

Whats faster then Usain Bolt and more messed up then a b-movie horror flick? That's correct, it's SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell!

6.5 Okay

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