Deep Silver

Chorus Review

An action RPG space-combat game that pushes most of the right buttons. The flight and the combat in Chorus feel great and are tons of fun; however, the story hinders the experience at times.

8.6 Great

Gods Will Fall Review

Can this good looking dungeon crawler stand amongst the greats?

9.1 Excellent

Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Do you have what it takes to capture and rule your own kingdom?

8.4 Great

Wasteland 3 Review

Can this long awaited sequel live up to fans expectation?

7.5 Good

Windbound Review

Shipwrecked and lost. Will you survive and unravel the mystery of the islands?

6.9 Okay

Saints Row The Third Remastered Review

Can this remaster of the well regarded third entry in the series still hold up under scrutiny?

8.5 Great

Outward Review

Nine Dots' new RPG Outward certainly seems like it's got all the trimmings that a good RPG needs. Now that it's here, does it manage to stand tall?

5.6 Average

Metro Exodus Review

The Metro series needs no introduction, and now, the latest release in a string of successful titles is upon us. How does Exodus shape up?

8.6 Great

Dakar 18 Review

In the midst of all of the racing games releasing lately, how does Dakar 18 stand out alongside its many, many peers?

6.5 Okay
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