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Developed and published by Old Apes, Papa’s Quiz is a party game that allows people to use their phones and tablets as controllers, much in a similar vein to the popular Jackbox games with the only difference being Papa’s Quiz is purely, well, quiz based.

The game boasts over 3000 questions in 185 categories; these are a much wider variety of categories than other titles, and not so US-centric which appeased me greatly. You have categories on geography and history as standard, to more modern based questions on the likes of Pokémon or the Big Bang Theory.

It can be played on your own or with up to 8 players which is a nice size for a party game. You get to customise your own avatars look and outfit which is purely for novel purposes and create your name from 2 selections of words. These are pretty much family-friendly and a few we used were “magic finger” “fat cow” and “sazzy cat”. Once everyone has perfected their avatar you can then play from 2 different game modes.

Standard mode allows you to play the game as intended, with it reading out all the instructions before each round and more interaction from the hosts. At the end of each round someone – usually the winner of the round – can pick from a variety of dances to rub their victory in the opponent’s faces. The other option is quickplay which bypasses the instructions from most rounds and also skips the dance boasting section.

The hosts are two bizarre characters who have voices that you would probably find on a modern-day satnav. The main host narrates most of the action and turns to his robotic assistant to read out the instructions for the round. I believe both the voices are text to speech simulations but it doesn’t take away from the game too much. The voices are clear and can be amusing at times, but you can turn on subtitles if you are struggling to understand them.

There are 3 different types of round that you play; The Fastest Finger, in which the person who answers the question right the quickest gets the most points and those after slightly less; a picture round that slowly reveals itself and you have to pick the right answer, with the fastest getting the most points; or it will be another picture round where you are given a question and you have to press the button on the picture that is the correct answer, again with the fastest getting the most points. There is a point stealer round that uses one of the above round styles but the fastest person to answer correctly gets to steal points from another player.

The way the category for each round selected is quite a neat idea as all players fight to pick the category. You get a choice from 4 categories in their quadrant of the screen. Then using the directional buttons on your phone or tablet you move the cursor to the category you want to play. However, if you disagree on a category then you have to fight by tapping the arrows on your device to get the cursor to stay on the category you want long enough for it to be selected. There is also a refresh categories section in the middle, but it means everyone agreeing to let the cursor stay there to get a new batch of categories.

The final round is a survival game that relies on your general knowledge. All the points you have racked up in previous rounds are converted to time. Then you have to answer the questions from the random category selected. If you get the question wrong you lose time and if you get it right you gain some time. But you also lose time in however long it takes you to answer the question so you have to think fast.

Now don’t get me wrong Papa’s Quiz is nowhere near the production that the Jackbox games are, but what it does have is a singular focus based on trivia and other amusing elements to keep it interesting, like customising your avatar, the dancing, and fighting over categories. I also find that most of the Jackbox questions were US-centric so for Papa’s Quiz to be a bit more general was refreshing. It took me about 8 rounds before I saw some of the same questions but that was because the people I was playing with kept selecting the same categories.


Papa’s Quiz is a decent party game that does stand out for me as a good alternative to the Jackbox games. Granted it is just a quiz and there are no other game modes, but I feel that helps make it stand out as it has that singular focus. The dance boasting isn’t for everyone and the automated voices do get a bit tedious after a while, but as a party game that you play in bursts I think this is pretty fun.

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  • Modern questions
  • The category choice battle is a fun inclusion
  • The questions are not US-centric
  • The Hosts automated voices can get old
  • The childish graphics may put people off
Gameplay - 8.5
Graphics - 5.5
Audio - 6.5
Longevity - 7.5
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