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Developed and Published by Big Blue Bubble, My Singing Monsters Playground has entered the party game arena with some impressive results. Let’s not get carried away – it’s not going to stand toe to toe with the likes of Mario Party – but what it has done is make a decent alternative that most kids can pick up and play.

I didn’t know this at first, but My Singing Monsters is a popular mobile game as a time-killing feed and breed type of game. It’s quite novel and the monsters sing constantly so I can see why kids would love it. But My Singing Monsters Playground has taken 7 of the monsters found from that game and brought them into a multiplayer minigame playground.

So you and up to 3 of your friends can choose from 7 different cute monsters to play with, and you are sent into a small village that acts as a lobby. Player one leads the other monsters in choosing what they are going to do but there are only a few options. You can play a tournament which is the standard thing to do, where you play either 10, 15, or 20 mini-games to see who is the best. You have the solo gauntlet to see how many minigames you can win in a row against the computer. There is a free play option to just randomly play any minigame you have unlocked by playing them once in the tournament mode. The other two options are to change your player area if you feel like being a different monster and a prize machine area where after you play so many games, you earn tokens which can be used in the prize machine to win a mystery prize. These prizes aren’t too exciting though; they are usually either a decoration for the village lobby or a different colour skin for a monster.

The graphics looks pretty good for a party game like this. You can tell it has borrowed heavily from the mini-game style of Mario Party but the engaging cute graphical style and upbeat background music suit it nicely without being annoying. My kids loved the different designs of the monsters although they did both take a liking to the penguin monster.

In all, there are 25 minigames to unlock and play and they range from super fun at best to slightly tricky at worst. I haven’t played a really terrible minigame here – there is usually at least one – but they have done well to make all 25 enjoyable. 15 of the minigame are free for all games, 5 are 2v2 team minigames, and 5 are 3v1 almost boss-style games. The controls have been made incredibly simple and only really use the control stick or d-pad depending on preference and maybe 2 buttons at most. Before every minigame, it shows you the controls of the game and provides a test area so you can play the game as a demo before launching the game properly. This is so new players get a feel for what they need to do before playing the game properly which is a nice touch.

The main Tournament mode has some other game mechanics to try and keep the game interesting. The person in last place gets to pick the next minigame out of a possible 3. Every time a 2v2 or 3v1 game is selected the teams are always random assigned. At the end of the tournament, there are some special bonus points awarded out for various elements of the game. It could be the person who jumped the most or the person who threw the most projectiles in the game. If the scores are close this could swing the victory in another monsters favour.

My Singing Monsters Playground impressed me as I thought it was going to be overly childish and the minigames were going to be sub-par. I was proven wrong and enjoyed this game just as much, if not more so, than my kids. I had a challenging battle with my wife and with some of the games being a bit more luck based rather than just pure skill, the contest was a lot closer which made it all the more fun and interesting. If I had to be negative I would say that no online multiplayer is a shame, and the prize machine is a bit lame. The decorations to the village lobby don’t add much and interacting with them barely does anything other than make them glow. The different colour skins for the monsters was partially interesting to my girls but they were more upset that they couldn’t both be the pink penguin monster.

One last note compared to the mobile game where the monsters sing all the time: you may be a little confused on why you never hear them sing in this game. It took me a while to discover, but if you play a tournament to the end and you get to the results of who won, leave it on that screen without skipping and you will notice they spring into action with their singing.


My Singing Monsters Playground is a cute and very fun party game for both kids and adults. The games are simple enough that kids can pick up and play them but also robust enough that they are interesting for all ages to play. Not every game is great but they are all enjoyable enough, and the colourful, bubbly graphics and music keep the joy flowing. Although this is offline only it can still be fun to play with any friends that come over or even just to let your kids enjoy.

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  • The minigames are simple and great
  • Graphics are bubbly and colourful
  • Both adults and kids will enjoy this
  • No online multiplayer
  • Players can't pick the same monster
  • The prize machine is a bit naff
Gameplay - 8
Graphics - 8
Audio - 7
Longevity - 6.5
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