Maximum Football 2018 Review

Ever played a game that you really wished you hadn’t? I have. In fact, Maximum Football 2018 is the latest example of that. This is a game that not only fails to meet any form of expectation, but it almost totally misses the mark across all aspects of play, too. Squeezed out just in time to beat Madden NFL 19 to the storefronts, Maximum Football 2018 will only serve to disappoint and remind you all of where the real action is at. I wish I could tell you that a post-launch patch could fix-up the issues that I’m going to go over, but in truth, many of this game’s shortcomings are too far beyond repair.

Maximum Football 2018 offers up three different football styles in total; Canadian football, American football, and College football rules. To be expected there’s no licenses within, meaning that real-world counterparts are not represented in the game. On the flip-side, players can indeed customize their team and players through a range of generic options and styles, if that at all tickles your fancy. The game enables you the ability to hone your skills via its practice mode, before of course diving into the game’s main event through its full seasons of play.

What I will say is that this game is much cheaper than its AAA peers. Though taking that into account, the game still isn’t worth the cost. I do want to commend the developer for trying to tap into a market that’s already dominated by one of the gaming industries’ giants, but it’s going to take a lot more effort than this to be taken seriously at all. Maximum Football 2018 does boast some solid features, but the problem is, they’re not refined enough, nor innovative enough to stand firm. Weather is said alter the fields of play, but I couldn’t see any major differences regardless. So, with the overall package wrapped up, how does the actual gameplay play out?

Not very well, I’m afraid to say. It’s immediately apparent that the game’s budget is a tight one. Maximum Football 2018 is riddled with issues, many of which will be present from the get-go. Several times did I witness the most daft graphical issues I’ve seen in a game since Assassin’s Creed Unity. This includes the likes of characters turning into a bunch of stretch armstrong wannabes, heads turning around exorcist-style and worse, animations that defy both gravity and physics. Seriously, how on earth many of these issues went completely unchecked during QA is beyond me.

I could go on and on, but I would be here all day long. Technical issues are not limited to those fields, however, as there’s also some horrible UI and menus to deal with, on top of the game’s laughable AI. The game’s AI is more distracting than it is challenging, being that the little challenge they do pose is usually only followed up after watching them aimlessly bob and weave around thin air, or something alike. It’s just not a very good experience at all. Mercifully the controls handle well for the most part, despite being infrequently clunky and unresponsive from time to time.

This leads us to the visuals and again, shock-horror, they’re not at all in-line with current gen standards. Maximum Football 2018 looks like a dated Xbox 360 game. The game’s textures are poor, the stadium’s cardboard-cutout crowds all clap nonstop, and there’s a complete lack of quality from top to bottom. Hell, even the in-game text notifications that keep track of your play look well out of place. I can extend the same level of criticism to the game’s audio, which remains generic and piss-poor from beginning to end, providing you can work through the game’s issues to enjoy a full play.

When all is said and done, this is a game you’ll want to avoid – and believe me, you’ll thank me for it. There’s no redeeming qualities within that I can lean back on to recommend even considering this as an alternative serving. The game’s ridiculous count of technical and visual faults far outweigh anything remotely enjoyable here. Whether that’s the stiff animation, the shoddy visuals, the horrendous AI, the puddle-deep gameplay and anything else in between, you would do well to dodge this completely. It’s a shame really, because it’s clear the developer’s heart is in the right place.


Maximum Football 2018 is a game you’ll want to avoid for many reasons. Take your pick; extremely dated visuals, daft character animations, puddle-deep gameplay mechanics, graphical faults, technical problems and a complete and utter lack of polish across the board. Sure, the game’s main performance may be passable and it controls well for the most part, but that’s the max limit of the game’s pros.

This game was tested and reviewed on Xbox One. All of the opinions and insights here are subject to that version.

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  • The game's overall performance is passable.
  • Controls handle well for the most part.
  • Ugly, dated visuals.
  • Generic audio that fails to get you in the moment.
  • Far too many technical and visual faults within.
  • Shoddy UI and menu layout.
  • All round lack of polish.
Gameplay - 3
Graphics - 3.5
Audio - 3
Longevity - 4
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  1. I love this site. You guys arent afraid to rip a game to shreds. Keep em coming \m/

    • Thanks for the love my friend! You’re, as always, very much appreciated 🙂

  2. I also played the game over the weekend, and it’s a real mess:

    I think it would be a much more enjoyable experience if the devs would just clean up defensive play a little bit. Add some defensive play assist features, improve some of the coverage A.I., and fix the bug that prevents me from switching defenders when the ball is in the air.

    Also, some tutorials and explanations of Canadian football concepts would be very helpful for us players in the states who aren’t familiar with Canadian rules and strategies.

    • I made an account for this just so I could comment, but holy hell if I was ever working with a small development team I would ban you from even touching my games. They are a small team working hard to provide a different outlet for players who don’t like madden. MF18 was merely a testing game. They want to build up a fanbase and get funding so that they can drastically improve their game year by year. You dont just make a full fledged game by scratch when you’re not a AAA developer. You have to have a start. Make people like the idea of your game, then make improvements as you go along. They updated this game a long way between 17 and 18 and 19 spins even more promising with their NCAA style Dynasty mode. I’m all for bashing a game if its genuinely bad but ripping into a small team just trying to get experience and telling people to avoid the project altogether is rather harsh.


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