Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning – Fatesworn DLC Review

After finally seeing cult classic adventure Kingdoms of Amalur arrive on Xbox One in a remastered – or Re-Reckoned way should we say – back in 2020 much to the praise of long-time fans, it seems the RPG adventure has decided to give the fans more of what they have come to love with an all-new expansion in the form of Fatesworn – but is this DLC worth those extra hours or should you wave refusal to one more jaunt into the world of Amalur?

This all-exciting new adventure takes place right after the events of the main game (meaning you must first finish that of course) in which Gadflows plans have been brought to a halt. The Fatesworn tale brings about a strong 5-6 hour storyline that ends with the God of Chaos and begins with a simple letter, which will see players sent after a new threat known as the Preordained. Their goal is to create a pathway for destruction for a man known as Telogrus, the self-considered God of Chaos, and with the Tapestry of Fate in their sights, it’s up to you to head out once more and save the day.

Throughout this DLC players can find a total of 30+ main quests, side quests, and faction quests spread across the aforementioned snowy peaked region of Mithros. Whilst I very much enjoyed the storyline of the base game, it has to be said that the quests are certainly much more interesting this time around. That’s not to say the base game was poor, but there is definitely the sense that care and consideration have been put into the storytelling with this DLC rather than simply a rushed-out product to capitalize on the resurrection of a fan favorite and aging RPG adventure.

As for the new quests, a few included are made up of fetch quests, but these are not the majority and for the most part, the quests are filled with quality content, not to mention the fairly hefty challenge posed by the God of Chaos, making the occasional fetch quest space things out before the next challenge.

Besides the new story, the Fatesworn DLC also brings with it Chaos Dungeons which are accessed after some progress is made and these bring with them chaos enemies that are essentially new versions of old enemy types that we’ve seen before. The trick here is the addition of the new chaos armor that they come packing, as to defeat them you’ll need to delete it which cannot be done unless you’re packing the serious heat of the all-new chaos weapons – by far the best weapons in the entire game. It may sound like a lot of chaos to understand, but it’s a pretty simple and effective addition in play, and once you’ve mastered a few chaos portals and unlocked a way to create your own chaos weapons, it’s all plain sailing from there.  

It’s also worth noting that the new chaos armor also affects players in a new way and much like the weapons, this armor is by far the best armor you’ll find within the game, but it’s not just packing stronger stats but also some fresh new abilities. I won’t spoil them all here but they are certainly a welcome addition if you want something a little different from other things seen in the main game, with one particular one capable of spawning enemies.

To assist with keeping things interesting and to give a progressive feel to the new challenges faced within the DLC, the level cap has also been increased by 10 levels for a new total level cap of 50, and that comes bearing an exciting new skill tree for players to dive into also. For me, a raised level cap is always a welcome addition, but for many, this will feel like an epic grind, although mastering each of the main quests and finishing off the DLC to completion should see you reach the cap by the end.

The final addition found within this new content is some new music, although it doesn’t differ massively from that found within the main game already, the fact it’s been given some attention is still something worth praising of course and it fits in well with the action on screen for the most part.


Overall, if you’re someone who has only found their way to the underrated world of Kingdoms of Amalur with this remastered package, then the Fatesworn DLC will be a nice way to seal off the adventure and is well worth a look, although maybe consider a sale given the price point. If you’re simply wanting to return after having already enjoyed everything on offer, then this isn’t a bad adventure by any means and with a nicely rounded off story come the end, this is a good way to completely end your time with one of the finest RPG tales of its day. Graphically it hasn’t aged well, even in remastered fashion but it’s a decent tale all the same.

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  • Interesting quests and a final conclusion to the overall adventure
  • New weapons and armour are fun to use
  • Raised level cap and new skill tree
  • Graphics haven't aged well even in remastered fashion
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