GSP 602 EPOS Sennheiser Review

Manufacturer: EPOS
Where to Buy: EPOS
RRP: £199.99 (or region equivalent)


When I opened the GSP 602 EPOS Sennheiser I was wowed with how they looked and felt. I play a lot of Battle Royale games so having great audio is a must for me. A downside to the GSP 602 EPOS Sennheiser is you can’t mix your party chat and game audio without the additional External Sound Card priced at £69 and using their audio software (which most high end headsets have now).

I was initially sceptical of the fact that the headset was wired however I got past that quickly. If anything, it was a plus in my book as I’ve been caught out with dead batteries on more than one occasion. As mentioned in the review the cable length is more than adequate too.

As a premium set – and the price that comes along with that designation – I think that, for the most part, the GSP 602 EPOS Sennheiser delivers a good bang for your buck. I would have really liked to see a way to adjust the chat/game mix on the set without the need for additional expenditure though, and though it didn’t bother me too much having it wireless would have been a nice bonus too. As it stands I see myself going back to my current pair more often simply due to these aspects.

However, if you don’t mind using the Xbox Guide Audio options to handle sound mixing and are after a set that will give you great audio and a premium feel then these come recommended.

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  • Nice design
  • Has tension sliders
  • Ear cups fit over my big ears creating great sound emersion
  • No mixer for chat and game audio
Usability - 8
Design - 8
Durability - 8
Value for Money - 6
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