The Colonists Review

The Colonists is a bright RTS game in the vein of Settlers but if all the characters were Pixar robots.

8.1 Great

Breathedge Review

RedRuins Software makes a good stab at 'Subnautica in Space', but stumbles in key places

6.9 Okay

Monster Energy Supercross 4 Review

Monster Energy Supercross 4 is gorgeously and aesthetically pleasing. While veterans might feel at home, newcomers will struggle to fit in.

7.3 Good

Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 Review

Monster Jam is back with another take on the coolest sport out there! Can this sequel give us all the thrills, or is it a dud?

7.5 Good

Spacebase Startopia Preview

The quirky looking sim is currently in Game Preview - is there much here to look forward to for the full release, and is it worth hopping in now?

Autumn’s Journey Review

Will this visual novel capture our hearts with its tale of love?

2.3 Awful

Drunken Fist Review

Can this mad-cap brawler be the life of the party?

4.6 Poor

60 Parsecs! Review

Will you survive the perils of SPAAACCEEEE?

6.5 Okay

Football Manager 2021 Review

The supremely popular sim comes back to console at last! Can the Xbox version manage to keep things in order?

8.5 Great

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