Puzzle Trivia

Masks of Mists Review

Can this magical puzzle adventure conjure up enough to make it work playing?

6.9 Okay

Islanders Review

Grizzly Games have made the most accessible city builder and deserves everyone paying attention to it.

9.7 Excellent

Loopindex Review

Can it be more than just a gamerscore boost? 

6 Okay

Operation: Tango Review

Operation: Tango is great spin on spy movies, and a fantastic co-op title.

7.9 Good

Chess Knights: Shinobi Review

Is tonight the Knight you make the right move?

6.1 Okay

Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Dry Twice Review

Larry goes on a new adventure, lets hope he doesn't cock things up!

7.3 Good

Cosmic Top Secret Review

Cosmic Top Secret is a game about secrets, the question then becomes whether the truth is worth knowing.

6 Okay

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