Puzzle Trivia

Urban Flow Review

AJ delves into traffic control, is this travelling on a highway or driving into a ditch?

7.3 Good

Detective Di: The Silk Rose Murders Review

Does this immersive 2D adventure capture players attention?

8 Great

The Pedestrian Review

This stylishly unique platformer comes to Xbox - and Game Pass - at last, but has it been worth the wait?

8.1 Great

Encodya Review

  A retro-piece of nostalgia, or a bucket full of bolts? Encodya is both.

3.8 Lousy

Circa Infinity Review

Puzzle platforming which masters the basics, refines the enjoyment and creates a brain-melting and wonderful experience.

7.7 Good

Unpacking Review

 AJ finds that there is a lot to unpack in this pixel-art puzzle game. Pretty sure everyone has made that joke, but here we are.

8.3 Great

The Jackbox Party Pack 8 Review

This JackBox is full of surprises and there is more treats than tricks in this pack.

7.8 Good

Masks of Mists Review

Can this magical puzzle adventure conjure up enough to make it work playing?

6.9 Okay

Islanders Review

Grizzly Games have made the most accessible city builder and deserves everyone paying attention to it.

9.7 Excellent
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