Formula Retro Racing Review

For those who were around for the early 1990s, you might remember a certain 3-D racing arcade game that was released on the Sega Genesis; that game was Virtua Racing. During that time Virtua Racing was receiving tons of praise for being a game that perfectly executed the 3-D racing model and design. Jumping years ahead to 2020 we now have Formula Retro Racing. It’s basically a reimagining of Virtua Racing that was able to retain its charm, stylish 3-D effects, and colors, along with enhanced 3-D graphics to make the game pop and stand out more.

Formula Retro Racing is a straightforward game in my opinion. You start the game, choose what color car that you want, choose from eight different tracks that you want to race on (which all have unique difficulties), and then start your engines and begin to race. The gameplay and the driving mechanics feel so smooth and flow perfectly. As you race throughout the tracks it feels how any F1-race should; fast-paced and filled with heated moments.

There’s crash physics in the game where if you and another vehicle collide together or even graze each other you’ll either crash and blow up into a fiery ball or spin out and crash into a wall creating a giant explosion. I feel that at times when I do bump into another racer it’s a bit too sensitive, but I’m used to playing racing games such as Forza or Wreckfest where they allow you to bump into other vehicles and try to do things such as spin them out.

For the players who want to throw it back to old school, there’s an arcade mode where you race and have to run through checkpoints in a certain amount of time. If you run out of time you fail, just like a normal arcade machine. There is also an elimination game mode where you have to race your way to the top before you get eliminated from the event. From the time that I played Formula Retro Racing I enjoyed the gameplay as a whole. The game itself is pretty straightforward and delivered. The only problem that I really had with it is the fact that after you crash and respawn the game has a habit of spawning you backward, so you might end up driving the wrong way.

Graphics-wise the game and the 3-D visuals look very clean cut and extremely polished. The different colors are all vibrant and no race track looks the same, they all vary from each other. Sound and music-wise the game has a very 8-bit retro feel to it which is a major throwback to Virtua Racing. Keep in mind this is an arcade-style game so it’s not meant to be played for long hours on end. I played up to two hours at most just to see everything the game had to offer. I feel that if you are an arcade racing fan like me you’ll come back to play more often than your average player will.


As I stated before Formula Retro Racing is a straightforward game. Coming into this game I twas expecting a better, newer version of Virtua Racing – and I was right. It doesn’t need to have a bunch of new features to top the older game. All it needed to do was visually enhance it and to keep the same charm that the game had in the ’90s. If you haven’t played Virtua Racing, or just want to play a fast-paced arcade racing game for a reasonable price, then Formula Retro Racing is the game for you.

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  • Arcade Racing Feeling
  • Fast-Paced Races
  • Variety of Race Tracks
  • Sometimes vehicle will respawn backward after crash
Gameplay - 9.9
Graphics - 10
Audio - 10
Longevity - 9.9
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