Vesta Review

Developer Final Boss consists of team members who have collectively put several years of work into the world of video games. How does their first game play?

5.5 Average

DYE Review

Puzzle platformers are ten a penny, so it really takes something special to step on up and stand out. Does DYE manage to do that?

4.6 Poor

Celeste Review

Few games rub shoulders with the likes of Super Meat Boy, but Celeste is said achieve that at the same time as tell a meaningful story. Does it succeed?

8.5 Great
Drift Zone

Drift Zone Review

Drift Zone makes some bold statements in its description, but does the game manage to capture the excitement and energy of its material?

4.6 Poor

Asemblance Review

Asemblance is the first episode in what's described as a franchise, with episode two to be announced in 2018. Does this franchise get off to a good start here?

4.9 Poor
Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter: World Review

Monster Hunter: World is said to be much more accessible than previous entries, but can it stand just as tall in terms of design and engagement?

10 Incredible

InnerSpace Review

InnerSpace is the first title from PolyKnight Games. Inspired by the character-driven narratives of Journey and Grow Home, but does it prove to be just as good?

5.2 Average
Railway Empire

Railway Empire Review

Simulator games are no stranger to Xbox One, but many of them fail to deliver a worthwhile experience. How does the new Railway Empire stack up?

8.2 Great

Wulverblade Review

Wulverblade has made its way to Xbox One following a solid reception on Nintendo Switch last year. How does it handle several months later?

8.4 Great

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