Best Five Shooters on Xbox One

Far Cry 5

There’s no shortage of shooters available on Xbox One. Hell, they’ve landed thick, fast and heavy over the course of the gen that it can be hard to pick out the wheat from the chaff. There’s a dizzying amount of different sorts of shooters too, but here, we’re going to list the very best first person shooters that you can pick up. It’s not been an easy list to compile, simply due to the aforementioned broad selection on offer, but I feel pretty good about the ones that I have selected below. So, without further ado, here’s the best of the best.

DOOM – Trailer

Ahead of Doom Eternal, I booted up DOOM (2016) to get myself ready for another dose of hell-filled action. Diving back into the game has shown me that nothing has quite touched DOOM in regards to its over-the-top action since its release two years back. If you’re on the market for non-stop shooting, fountains of gore and a pace that Stallone would be proud of, DOOM simply needs to be your number one selection. It’s brutal, deliciously bloody, deep and more importantly, has some of the best environments of any shooter this gen so far.

Battlefield 1 – Trailer

Battlefield 1 couldn’t have come at a better time. Its main competitor, Call of Duty, was rapidly declining at the time due to its constant push for futuristic themes and settings. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (and its most down-voted trailer of all time) was the straw that broke the camels back, leaving many wanting for something more grounded. Enter Battlefield 1. Not only does this shooter retain boots-on-the-ground action, but its solid gameplay elements and its vast maps, lays the groundwork for some truly tense FPS frays.

Far Cry 5 – Trailer

For me, Far Cry 5 is the best in the series. Ubisoft knows how to create compelling stories, characters and maps, and Far Cry 5 is no different. It helps, of course, that the gameplay and its pace is steadily maintained throughout, offering a wide range of different things to do (there’s even a testicle festival – yes, no bullshit) from start to end. Many critics, including us here at Xbox Tavern, praised the game for its eerie, religiously-political theme, which lays the foundation for what’s widely considered as one of the best shooters of this year so far.

Wolfenstein II – Trailer

Another one from Bethesda, Wolfenstein II, much like DOOM, offers over-the-top action from the get go. Although not quite as over-the-top, Wolfenstein II is well worth a recommendation. It’s got more cinematic going for it than the former title, and there’s no shortage of wonderful gadgets and guns for players to take to. Normally I wouldn’t put forward a direct sequel before its predecessor, but in this case, Wolftenstein craps all over what came before it and easily sits as one of the more interesting games on this list.

Rainbow Six Siege – Trailer

I wont lie, I’m shocking at Rainbow Six Siege. I cant remember the last time I booted up this game and actually won an online match. Though, with my skill (or lack thereof) to the side, Rainbow Six Siege is arguably one of the best shooters this gen. Ubisoft continues to add content and support the game’s impressive player-base. If you’re on the lookout for a tactical shooter that demands full concentration and strategy, Siege is where you’ll want to be. I’ll warn you though, coming in this late amidst pro-players might be a bit tough.

So there you have it. Five of the best first person shooters that you can grab on Xbox One. Resident Evil VII almost made the cut, but in summary, I thought it best to cast that one to the side due to its theme and somewhat lack of shooting, despite housing solid elements. There’s plenty more that you can invest in, but for me at least, these five stand out as the console’s shining examples. Do you agree? Perhaps there’s a few that you would have listed in their place? Sound off in the comment section below to make yourselves heard.

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