An Evening with the London Symphony Orchestra and Starfield

It was a night we won’t soon forget, and now you can check it out too!

Starfield is here, and man, are Xbox and Bethesda doing it justice across the board. It’s all we can talk about at Tavern Towers lately (and on our podcast). Our official review will be with you as soon as our man Graham can get his hands off the controller to write something down, but in the meantime myself and fellow Tavern member Ian were invited along to a launch event for the game up in London.

Us and around a hundred others were invited to listen to a live recording of the music of Starfield, as performed by the London Symphony Orchestra at St. Lukes. One of the stand out things that got me interested in Starfield in the first place (other than being a new Bethesda RPG) was that theme music, so this was an awesome opportunity to be a part of.

It really was an intimate venue, and the sound was something to behold

Starfield‘s composer Inon Zur – who has a long history of compositions across games, TV, and movies but is most likely known in our sphere for titles like Dragon Age: Origins and Fallout‘s 3, 4, 76 – was on hand to conduct the opening and closing tracks, with Ben Parry filling in on the remainder of the hour recording.

I’ve made mention of my fondness for video game soundtracks in the past (even dedicating a whole section on our recent quiz to it) and already I can say Starfield‘s will be high up on my list as the years go on. The main theme in particular is an amazingly touching yet evocative piece, and when the LSO played it live for us it genuinely gave me goosebumps.

Our Music Round quiz is time-stamped here, but the entire quiz is well worth a watch – if only for the Super Special Guests!

Of course, I’m not a technical music guy so I won’t try to blag my way through the full set and discuss the use of repeat motifs and the like, but across the hour, both Ian and I couldn’t help but look at each other in between tracks in amazement. Each track was so well crafted and distinct yet instantly recognisable as from within the Starfield universe.

The venue of St. Lukes was also an excellent choice, with both the sound and atmosphere being pitch perfect for the event. The it was such a small crowd and place only enhanced things, and I don’t think anyone left there without a smile on their face.

Overall, the entire hour or so recording was utterly excellent, from the brief foreword from Todd Howard (via video) to the beautifully performed music and lighting, and it’s an experience I’ll not forget for some time. You can check out the full video above and see some of our brief clips on our YouTube page too.

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