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Ok kids slap on your running sneakers and don’t forget your Omnitrix coz we’re off once again to save the world. You play as Ben Tennyson, a young boy who has been given the ominous task of protecting everyone from the aliens that plague the cartoon style world. Ben has a watch type device that he wears on his wrist called the Omnitrix which has the ability to transform himself into ten different styles of aliens with their own unique powers and abilities, all from the hit TV series brought to you by Cartoon Network.

Now I had to think about how I was going to do this review. Contemplating the thought, my son of seven yrs walked into the room and said “Dad, what are you playing?” His eyes lit up at the sight of one of his favourite animated shows bursting with colour on my television. I then knew what I had to do. “Come sit up here mate.” So he did and he played and played and played, while I was sitting back taking notes and watching his expressions. It wasn’t hard to notice he was really enjoying the game.

You start with three aliens at your disposal. Four Arms, Heatblast and Cannonbolt. While defeating enemies like clowns in music boxes, bee’s and robots, you will earn points towards your power meter. From then you can do many things from transforming into aliens to ultimate power moves to wipe out a group. Defeating enemies will also collect “boost points” which allow you to buy or upgrade your alien abilities. As you progress through the levels you’ll face popular boss characters to defeat such as Zombozo, Queen Bee, and the Weatherheads.

Gameplay and controls are solid, even having a go myself it was easy to guide Ben on his mission and do what needs to be done. The colourful “borderlands” style of cartoonish graphics fits very well with the franchise and the whole experience is quite smooth and enjoyable. Sound is also done rather well and uses voice talent from the show to bring the characters to life even more and with a groovy, surfie type soundtrack, kids will be bopping along in no time. So enough from me. How about we ask the reviewer aye? (Lol).


Was the game fun? Yes it was really fun.
Was the game hard? A little bit hard, I kept falling in gaps and in the water.
Favourite part? Vine character because his arms fling around and destroy enemies.
What did the game look like? Cool!

So there you have it. It seems that Ben 10 has put another smile on a kids face along with many other kids who will surely enjoy the game. The developers at Outright Games and Tarus Games should be pleased with the result and I don’t doubt that they will be coming out with many more hit games aimed at the younger franchises. Ben 10 is a good game, a lot better then expected but am still unsure if it is worth the price people will pay. Let’s hope this won’t deter any parents from buying an otherwise very stable and fun game.

This game was tested and reviewed on Xbox One. All of the opinions and insights here are subject to that version.

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  • Kids will really enjoy.
  • Solid gameplay.
  • Solid control mechanics.
  • Easy gamer-score points.
  • High priced.
  • Gameplay is repetitive.
Gameplay - 7.5
Graphics - 6.5
Audio - 7
Longevity - 6.3
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