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What the Dub?! Is a party game that you can play with your mobile devices. Have you ever wanted to rewrite some movie scenes and put some of your own magic into them? Well, What the Dub?! makes this possible but for movie clips from films you are likely to never have seen.

The game allows for up to 12 six people to join in on the fun at once, with six non-participant audience members. and boasts over 300 clips to dub over; Wide Right have tried to make this party game big enough for more people to enjoy at once without suffering too much repetition, well sort of. Each round consists of you all watching the clip that you are going to be dubbing over and then you receive the prompt on your mobile device to input your new script. What is handy is if you missed the scene or couldn’t make out what was said, then there is a section on your phone to read the script of what was said to help you write the next part.

Being a clearly party-centric game encourages you to go for the funniest answers. Sometimes the more deadpan scripts can be the funniest, but it’s all in the name of entertainment. You get plenty of time to write your script and you can also add some sound effects, though I am not too sure if they really add anything to the experience. Once everyone has submitted their scripts the game then plays them out one by one. I thought this section should be manually controlled as it all plays out too quickly and robotically. The scene plays out again and this time the user submitted script is read out in an automated voice, but you are only given a few seconds to digest it before the next player’s entry is then played out.

This is only from my experience at parties, but if one player’s entry causing everyone to laugh then you only have about 3 seconds to laugh before the next player’s entry is then read out. This can lead to peoples entries being laughed over or just missed in general which I find kills a little bit of the experience. If it was manually controlled then the next person could push to play their version when everyone was ready which would have made more sense to me. Also with allowing 12 players to play at once it means watching the same scene 12 times with different peoples scripts which runs the risk of burnout during the round. I know 12 players will make the game more inclusive at parties, but I feel that’s too many at once and could cause some players to lose interest. In amendment to the above, only having to watch six of the same scene is better, though still has the potential to drag things out a little in my opinion.

Regardless, once everyone’s entry is read out then comes the voting part. You have to vote for the player’s script that you enjoyed the most and those with the most votes gets the most points. You win the game by having the most points at the end of the game but imagine most players would be happier getting the biggest laugh rather than actually winning. (I’m sensing it’s time to bust out good ol’ JOHN CENA when we can get together again – ed) But that is all there is to the game and there is no other modes or variations. With how What The Dub?! is set up it does allow you to stream the game so players around the world can join in the game from their mobile devices.

We initially run this review under the impression that up to 12 players could take part in the re-dubbing of scenes. That is not correct, however, with only 6 players actively taking part and a further 6 able to spectate. We apologise for the error.


What the Dub?! is a single focused party game trying to crack into a genre where titles like Jackbox have been dominating. What the Dub?! has real movie clips and the answer read out by automated voices though, which is more inclusive, but the thought of having to watch the same clip 12 six times with different players scripts one after each other, with only a few seconds in between for chuckles, doesn’t excite me at all. It’s a shame as I am all for party games as they can be real ice breakers at times, but I can’t see this being fired up more than once or twice before it has outstayed its welcome.

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  • Up to 12 players at once, six active and six audience members
  • Can be streamed for more players
  • Real movie clips
  • The sound effects arent needed
  • The gap between clips needed to be bigger
Gameplay - 4.5
Graphics - 4.5
Audio - 4.5
Longevity - 4
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