The Outer Worlds: Murder On Eridanos Impressions

Once again we dive back into ludicrously corporatocratic sci-fi realm of The Outer Worlds with the latest who-done-it expansion, Murder on Eridanos. Return once again to role of the assumed Captain Hawthorne and pilot the Unreliable to Eridanos where a murder has befallen the beloved Halcyon Helen, a fan favourite actress popular for her roles in crime mystery programs.

This is considered an end game expansion, so make sure you have gained a few levels and completed most of the story before attempting or you may find yourself a bit overwhelmed. If you have already completed the game, you will have the option of loading a specially created checkpoint before the final mission that allows you to immediately start the expansion.

You have been tasked to lead the inspection on the murder and are rushed off to the planet Eridanos, the Purpleberry brand capital planet owned by the Rizzo Corporation. The victim, Halcyon Helen, was set to host a revealing of the new lovely sounding Brown Spectrum Vodka. Instead, Helen was found dead in the lobby under mysterious circumstances. Your investigation will take you all across the floating city of the clouds, searching for clues, interviewing witnesses, and following leads to piece together the event that led up to the death of the beautiful Halcyon Helen. On your way to solving the case, you’ll encounter interesting characters offering advice and side missions that can reward you with new gear and awesomely extravagant weapons.

The expansion adds a new world to explore in the universe of Halcyon and offers more of the gameplay that we all have come to expect from The Outer Worlds. The maximum runtime to encounter everything the expansion has to offer is about 12 hours. Those just here for the story will have it completed in around 7. This expansion was a welcome excuse to return to The Outer Worlds and now if you don’t mind, I think I’ll start another playthrough.

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