Snakebyte Gaming:Seat Review

Manufacturer: Snakebyte
Where to buy: Amazon
Price: £299.99 – Or Region Equivalent

When it comes to gaming, comfort is everything. If you’re not comfortable, you’re not in the zone. It doesn’t matter whether you’re laid on a bed, sprawled on the sofa, or sat upright in a chair of some sort, you’re more easily immersed in the entertainment if you’re comfy. That being said, there’s a growing space on the market for gaming chairs. Gaming chairs come in all shapes, sizes, qualities and costs. There’s compact footless rocking chairs, bean bag recliners, lounge chairs and just about anything else in between. In an attempt to tap into this corner of the market, Snakebyte has unleashed the Gaming:Seat; a luxury professional gaming chair that aims to cater for just about any comfortable sitting posture.

The Gaming:Seat comes in a total of three colors; Green for Xbox, Blue for PlayStation and Yellow for PC. Though to be absolutely clear, it doesn’t matter what color you go for because outside of that, they’re all exactly the same. Taking this from the top, the Gaming:Seat costs £229.99 (or region equivalent). That may be a hefty price to pay if you’re looking for something a bit more casual, but when all is said and done, high quality tends to demand a high price. What I will say is that those looking for a high-end gaming chair are very much unlikely to be left feeling unsatisfied. I’ve played for some lengthy sessions using this chair and I can wholeheartedly back its structure up. It’s strong, it’s well developed and it’s lush.

My two and only gripes with the Gaming:Seat is that its installation was a bit baffling. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not difficult to put together, but its single-page instructions are not very clear, or specifically, not detailed enough. It took me quite a while to realize that the function-paddles bolt onto the metal armrest’s clamps. The instructions don’t relay this well enough, but once that issue was out of the way, it was easy sailing. There’s also a small problem with the footrest’s bars, which with my version, grinds against nearby upwards screws when you pull them out or push them back into place. This isn’t a huge concern as the grind is very minor, but something that I wanted to note within this review all the same.

Still, even with these tiny issues, there’s no denying that the Gaming:Seat was built to last. The scale of movement is outstanding and when grouped with its weight capacity of 100kg, it’s clearly a chair that’s designed to cater for gamers of all sizes. The chair’s design gets a huge thumbs up from me. Compiled of high-quality materials – leather (artificial) and acryl fibre – the Gaming:Seat sports a very stylish and slick presentation. There’s a total of two adjustable backrests, one situated near the back of the neck and one placed at the lower-back. Both of these can also be completely removed if you favor a stiff upright position. With or without these backrests in place, the Gaming:Seat remains comfortable, regardless.

The footrest also extends to a fair length and can be angled almost 180 degrees inward for added accessibility. Alternatively, you can fold the footrest away altogether via a simple push on the bars and a quick adjustment of the footrest itself, to which it will remain hidden from view underneath the chair until you need to pull it back out again. The armrests also come with quite a surprising amount of flexibility, this includes adjustments to the height, as well as being able to slide the armrests forwards and backwards, on top of left to right movement. This flexibility extends to the seat itself too. Though when we take into account that this has been designed with eSports in mind, that level of flexibility is pretty much a given.

The Gaming:Seat can recline into an almost completely horizontal position. This is achieved through leaning your own weight against the backrest whilst holding down one of the two paddles, situated underneath the chair. The second paddle is used for either marginally lowering or raising the chair’s height. Rounding this off is the chair’s full 360 degree swivel alongside its base-wheels, giving you the freedom to move to-and-from place to place if needs be. I’ve tested the Gaming:Seat’s comfort through all of its adjustment capabilities and I have only ever been satisfied with each outcome. It truly does offer first-class luxury seating, even (and especially) when you’re sat in it for prolonged amounts of time.

One thing I really appreciated about the Gaming:Seat is that it’s surprisingly compact. I don’t have a massive bedroom and the little space that I do have is often cluttered. The Gaming:Seat, on the other hand, doesn’t at all take up much space when it’s positioned upright and has the footrest packed underneath. Its dimensions can be found over on Snakebyte’s official website and if you’re looking for a place to invest in one of these, you can check out Amazon for some varying prices as well as the aforementioned color schemes. I cant reiterate nor recommend the Gaming:Seat enough. If it’s quality and excellent design that you seek, the Gaming:Seat should most certainly be on your radar.


Whether you’re sat upright or leaning back, the Gaming:Seat offers heaps of comfort and vast flexibility at the drop of a hat. Don’t let the fact that it’s designed for eSports put you off. This, simply put, is a gaming chair for anyone. It’s well structured, surprisingly durable and comes with a gorgeous, slick design. It may be somewhat costly, but high quality tends to demand a high price. Those seeking a top-end chair will certainly not be disappointed.

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  • Comfortable in all positions.
  • Lots of adjustments can be made.
  • Gorgeous design across all models.
  • Doesn't take up a lot of space.
  • Top quality materials and very durable.
  • Cost may not appeal to everyone.
Usability - 9
Design - 10
Durability - 9
Value for Price - 7
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