Night Book Review

The masters of FMV tales are back again with another excellent, creepy, and unique experience.

8.9 Great

Within the Blade Review

A solid foundation for a 16bit ninja title; Ametist’s Within the Blade is almost a brilliant game but is bogged down by some bugs and design decisions.

6.8 Okay

Warhammer 40,000: Space Wolf Review

If you are after a strategy combat game wrapped in lore. Then 40,000 Space Wolf could leave you howling in pain.

5.1 Average

Necromunda: Hired Gun Review

Streum On Studio have made something genuinely special, but it will depend on the audience’s tolerance for jank.

7.4 Good

Green Hell Review

After a successful early access period on Steam, Green Hell stops off on console too; is this worthy port, or will it leave you out in the wilderness?

8.8 Great

Song of Horror Review

Will this new horror title be music to our ears, or just a load of old racket?

8.3 Great

Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection Review

Are you up to the challenge of Ninja Gaiden or will you just hide in the shadows?

7.6 Good

Just Die Already Review

Sadly just like the rest of these boomer’s lives, the game is rather short-lived, running out of schemes and gimmicks to keep players interested.

5.8 Average

Leisure Suit Larry: Wet Dreams Dry Twice Review

Larry goes on a new adventure, lets hope he doesn't cock things up!

7.3 Good

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