Seven Doors Review

Puzzling action comes to Xbox in Seven Doors.

7.8 Good

Airoheart Review

If you can get past the hefty price tag then Airoheart is a great game to satisfy your top-down Action-Adventure cravings. Explore a 16-bit open world making use of a number of items and abilities whi...

7.4 Good

Monster Crown Review

Monster Crown is how you enjoy Pokémon on Xbox, without having a Pokémon game on Xbox.

6.6 Okay

Kaze and the Wild Masks Review

Can a 90's inspired platformer live up to modern expectations? Check out our Kaze and the Wild Masks Review

8.8 Great

Elea – Episode One Review

Elea offers a surreal episodic journey, but as is important in all opening episodes of any episodic series, does the first segment stand tall?

4.8 Poor

Wuppo Review

Following a massively warm reception on PC via Steam, Wuppo finally makes its way to Xbox One. Was all this hype and acclaim justified?

8.1 Great

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