Bandai Namco

The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me Review

Is this final entry for Season One up the the high standard we've found so far?

9.1 Excellent

House of Ashes Review

Back for the third entry in the Franchise, can Supermassive Games' latest keep up the high standard set so far?

9.6 Excellent

Scarlet Nexus Review

What Scarlet Nexus brings to the table is a creative combat mechanic, a diverse cast of characters even though they’re rather a cliche, and a story and skill development tree that isn’t too hard to fo...

8.5 Great

Little Nightmares 2 Review

This creepy looking sequel promises even more horrors to overcome - but have Tarsier managed overcome the horrors of players anticipation?

9.6 Excellent

Cyberpunk 2077 Review

Can you handle your tech and thrive in the cyberpunk world? Or will you just bug and glitch out?

9.4 Excellent

Twin Mirror Review

Can DONTNOD keep up their winning streak in the interactive story genre?

5.6 Average

Katamari Damacy Reroll Review

Will you get sucked up once more by this rolling collectathon?

8.3 Great

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope Review

The second in the planned anthology, can Little Hope live up to the high standard set by its predecessor?

8.3 Great

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 Review

Back with another over the top anime brawler, how does Bandai's latest release fare?

8.3 Great

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