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Move aside Serious Sam, Immortal Redneck is coming. Remember Serious Sam? and how fun it was to blast your way from one pyramid to the next? Well there’s a new breed in town. Immortal Redneck, developed by the team at CremaGames, has taken this idea and added more. A fast paced, action arcade first-person shooter with big guns and even bigger bosses. The brightly lit Egyptian themed gun runner has a few mechanics that differ from the aforementioned popular series, and offers a wider array of weapons, enemies, and a permadeath system that allows players to upgrade as they progress to reach further areas within each main level. So, now we got the gist of the game, lets go into detail.

The story begins with you as a lost tourist, and somehow being mummified in the process, takes on the daunting task of destroying the evil demons and entities which have plagued the Egyptian world in order to discover who you are, and why this has happened. Armed at the start with a pistol, a shotgun and a thirst to kill, the fowl mouthed redneck makes his presence known with outbursts of profanity and smart-ass remarks as you shoot your way through randomly generated pyramid levels, earning cash as you go. These levels, in a cartoon style, are well designed and fully capture the look of your typical pyramid theme.

With statues, floating platforms, fire pits and arrow tipped spears, you’ll soon find yourself dodging and weaving hysterically, trying to avoid taking damage. Not to fear, you do have a bullet-time function which builds up and makes ‘taking on the nasty’s’ slightly easier and can help in those times of need. With nine playable classes – all with different skill sets, you wont have a problem finding something to suit your style. Also to help you along the way are scrolls to collect, which adds perk-like abilities to your character depending on which one you have equipped. These can vary from extra ammo to extra health or defense, you can even convert your enemies into chickens, offering help when reaching certain stages.

Finally there’s the skill tree, which in this game is literally a tree that grows depending on which perks you buy with your in-game cash. The further you progress the more perks you can unlock, and believe me when I say ‘you will need to unlock the perks’. The game operates on a permadeath system which means once you die, you have to start the pyramid again, but with added help from the aforementioned perks to help get you further in the level. There are 3 main pyramids to complete, each having there own boss and mini boss half way through, provided you kill enough enemies to advance that far.

The enemy line up is fairly vast, with a count of 35 including; mummies, sarcophagus’, flying skulls, humanoid snakes, pharaohs, and more, all shooting, spiting and charging there way towards you. With 50 different weapons at your disposal, you’ll have access to everything from; traditional firearms, magical, mythological, futuristic, or some that are just plain weird, including a Potato Launcher, yes, you heard right. All of these are purchasable through the marketplace (which you have to unlock like a perk) provided you carry the coin.

Immortal Redneck doesn’t have the power of X enhanced or HDR, and does lack graphically. The game feels exactly the same as a Serious Sam game, and looks exactly like one too, even being played on the Xbox One X it still feels like a 360 game. Granted, the controls and gameplay are smooth and the game plays without a hiccup, I still felt like it could use a bit more detail on today’s modern consoles. That being said the game still offers a chuckle and gave me a couple hours of enjoyment, it could offer a lot more but tends to leave me a little bored, and I didn’t feel compelled to keep going even though the game does offer lengthy gameplay.


Immortal Redneck is a good, lengthy game. With its outdated graphics to the side, the game holds its own and deserves a place up there with Serious Sam. Its fast-paced gameplay offers fun, hilarity, and comes with some truly crazy gimmicks. The biggest downside is that it becomes overly repetitive before long.

This game was tested and reviewed on Xbox One. All of the opinions and insights here are subject to that version.

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  • Smooth gameplay.
  • Various weapons and enemies.
  • Lots of replay value.
  • Dated visuals.
Gameplay - 7
Graphics - 4.8
Audio - 5
Longevity - 7.8
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