Super Destronaut DX 2 Review

Will space shooter Super Destronaut DX-2 fire its way through Julys games or crash land into reality?

7.3 Good

Capcom Arcade Stadium Review

Relive Capcom's arcade glory in what could be the go-to arcade compilation. Nice quality-of-life features and tons of menu options; however it lacks any extra audiovisual content that could have reall...

8.4 Great

Gangsta Paradise Review

Gangsta Paradise is a Shoot 'em Up-lite, where you defend your town against the perpetual onslaught of goofy looking gangsters.

5.8 Average

Explosionade DX Review

Are you ready for explosions? Well make sure it doesn't all blow up in your face.

5.1 Average

Bartlow’s Dread Machine Review

Can you rescue the president before you go off the rails?

7.1 Good

The Otterman Empire Review

Can this quirky looking multiplayer affair earn a spot in our playlists?

4.6 Poor

Rigid Force Redux Review

Can this side on shooter do enough to stand out from the crowd?

7.5 Good

Freedom Finger Review

Freedom Finger has a unique spin on the Shoot-em-up genre, but is it enough to help it stand out?

9 Excellent

Iro Hero Review

More retro-styled from Digerati - not that we're complaining. Can Iro Hero capture the essence of classic Shmups and bring it to a new audience?

5.8 Average
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