Ewin Champion Series Chair Review

Manufacturer: E-WIN
Where to buy: E-WIN
RRP: $359

As someone who works from home and spends all day in front of a monitor, there’s no doubt that comfort is one of my top priorities. It would be a shame to develop back problems before I even reach my early 30s. (Only 23 by the way) Previously I only used a cheap office chair on Amazon but let me tell you something, The Ewin Champion Series has changed not only the way I work but also the way I game.


In terms of packaging the Ewin Champion Series Chair, it came how I expected it—a plain cardboard box, with the logo on the side. I will say the box did have some weight to it, so if you planning on lugging this upstairs it might be best to have someone with you. Personally, I put the chair together first then carried it. Inside each of the parts came individually wrapped in bubble wrap.


Assembling the chair itself was a pretty straightforward process, that is if you built a chair before. Now I’ve had my fair share in assembling gaming chairs before so I knew where the pieces were supposed to go and whats what. If I didn’t have that knowledge though, it would’ve been a hassle. The manual showcases the different types of chairs that Ewin offers including the variety of colors they can come in. In terms of how to actually put together the chair, it seems more like a quick summary with a picture of the part. The picture also seems generic as the instructions were for a different chair that wasn’t mine. Additionally, everything is on one page with red arrows pointing at what to look at next. Like I previously said if you had no knowledge then putting this chair together would take some time. For me, it took about 30-40 minutes.

What’s nice about the assembly process is that the screws came pre-attached to the chair. so you didn’t have to keep looking back at the directions to figure out what screw goes where. You can simply remove the screw, attach the desired part, and put the screw back into place. While I used a specialized screwdriver, the assembly kit does come with hex wrenches.

The Final Product

Once everything was put together I decided to give the chair a test run. The quality difference between the cheap chair I used from Amazon compared to the Ewin Championship Series is absolutely astounding. The chair of course was overall more comfy and easy on the old bum. The special 4D armrest can be changed to fit the perfect height. It actually comes with six different settings to be exact. The recline is one of my favorite features of the chair. From 85° to 155° It’s extremely versatile for me to have a chair where I can adjust my recline for when I’m doing business at the computer or online gaming with friends and it doubles as a rocker. I will say it does take a bit of effort to get it to work but once it does it’s amazing, especially since my last few chairs didn’t have this feature. The problems I did have with the chair were somewhat minor inconveniences. For instance, after only 2 days of use, I did find a bit of threading from the back of the chair. With all gaming chairs, there are cushions for both your lower back and of course your head. While the cushion for my lower back is nice I can’t say the same for my headrest. Now I’m 6 ft so maybe that has something to do with it but my cushion sits at the bottom of my neck. With the way that everything was assembled, it didn’t seem like I could adjust it to a more preferable position.


Of course, with this chair, there are some things that could’ve been better but this is a quality chair. From its overall comfort to its convenient and nice features, the Ewin Champion Series Chair is a great option for those who want a great starter gaming chair for an affordable price ($359).

Hardware provided by the manufacturer for review purposes.
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From its overall comfort to its convenient and nice features, the Ewin Champion Series Chair is a great option for those who want a great starter gaming chair for an affordable price ($359)
  • Screws came Pre-installed
  • 4D Armrests
  • Recline/Rocker
  • Overall Comfy
  • Unhelpful and generic manual
  • Headrest Is Too low
  • Threading after use
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My name is Varno Harris II. I currently attend school at Miami University double majoring in journalism and professional writing. My dream is to create and develop a popular video game media company and shape the future of journalism.


  1. Kudos to you for writing this detailed review of the gaming chair. Your analysis of its features and your personal experience with it provide helpful insights for gamers looking for a reliable and comfortable chair. Well done!

  2. The frame of the seat broke on my 5 month old E-win XL. CS has been lacking to say the least. We have 3 of their chairs and this is the 1st time we have had an issue. Basically after 2 days CS replied to our email and had us send pictures, and replied that’s your fault for not leaning back correctly, and they could sell us a replacement seat. Never mind the seat broke where the armrest mounts. (in the center of the seat)
    We replied (3 days ago) and still waiting to hear back, CS is terrible and it looks as though the “warranty” is as well.


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