Zombie Army 4: Dead War Review

A supernatural spin on the Sniper Elite series sees our old favourites - Zombies - vying for our attention (and brains).

8.7 Great

Sniper Elite V2 Remastered Review

When it comes to sniper-specific games, Sniper Elite takes top spot. Now, Sniper Elite V2 is coming back remastered, but is it worth a second trip?

9 Excellent

Strange Brigade Review

Strange Brigade has been a long time coming, but does its unique theme and its emphasis on cooperative play sit well in a busy week?

9 Excellent
Battlezone Gold Edition

Battlezone Gold Edition Review

Battlezone Gold Edition offers an arcade-like tank warfare experience that promises to deliver fun filled combat that stands the test of time. Do we have a winner?

7.5 Good

Rogue Trooper Redux Review

Rogue Trooper is back after over a decade, remastered and revitalised for current gen hardware. How does this action shooter hold up now?

8 Great

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