Horror Tales: The Wine Review

Can a creepy atmosphere and interesting premise pull us through this indie horror title?

8.5 Great

EMMA: Lost in Memories Review

Will this simplistic puzzler be something you'll remember for some time?

4.8 Poor

Spartan Fist Review

While it certainly has an eye catching look about it, can Spartan Fist back this up with fun gameplay?

6 Okay

Regions of Ruin Review

A 2D, RPG town building open world? Regions of Ruins certainly has bitten of a lot, but can it make it into a satisfying whole?

8 Great

Furwind Review

Furwind comes to Xbox One following release on other platformers, but, is this one platformer that's worthy of your time?

8 Great

Neonwall Review

Neonwall is a less of a puzzle game, and more of an experience that relies on cognitive multitasking. But, does this concept work well?

6.5 Okay

Super Hyperactive Ninja Review

Super Hyperactive Ninja, another take on the tried and tested "Super Meat Boy" formula. Does this game at least attempt to stand out as tall?

1.9 Terrible

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