Halo Infinite Technical Preview Impressions

The public finally got hands on with Halo after what felt like an...infinite...wait. Was this small taste worth it?

Splitgate Impressions

When your tag line "Halo x Portal", you're setting some mighty high expectations. Luckily, 1047 seemed to have backed up their claims so far!

Resident Evil Re:Verse Beta Impressions

Coming bundled with the upcoming Resident Evil Village, does this PvP take on the RE formula work well?

Back 4 Blood Alpha Impressions

The team behind Left 4 Dead are back with what can only be described as that title in all but name. And it's bloody awesome.

Marvel’s Avengers Beta Impressions

The Xbox beta this past weekend was the first chance the platforms players got to sample Crystal Dynamics wares - what were we missing out on?

Tannenberg Review

Bringing the massive battles from the Eastern fronts of WW1 to the online shooter space, can Tannenberg depict it's warfare on the right side of fun?

8.6 Great

Knight Squad 2 Preview

The Xbox Summer Game Fest demo's will start dropping this week. We're going to try and take a look at as many as we can!

Warface: Breakout Review

Can this premium spin off from the Free-To-Play Warface justify it's entry price?

7.3 Good

Sea of Thieves – So Good It Broke The GOTY Rulebook

When I asked the team to send over their GOTY stuff, little did I expect to receive such a passionate entry for a 2 year old game! Check out Captain @DJ_Redcap's argument here!

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